Wednesday, August 10, 2005

kiss you better

  • Pete'n'Kate are back on! Mariah found me these paparazzi shots of Pete Doherty and Kate Moss looking very-much-back-together in London yesterday. I don't care what anyone says, I think they're adorable!
  • No word yet if Pete lighting his own bed on fire is what brought Kate back.
  • There's a "secret" Rolling Stones gig in Toronto tonight at the Phoenix.
  • Stereogum has a new Big Star track!
  • The Fall are back with a new album on October 3rd. 'Fall Heads Roll' is their first album of new material since 2003.
  • Super Furry Animals are back with a new weird video for "Lazer Beam". (Link from You Aint No Picasso)
  • Stellastarr* are coming to Toronto to promote their new album Harmonies for the Haunted September 10th at the Horseshoe Tavern.
  • Everyone's hating on Bush again these days. Rightfully so... Recent outspoken haters include The Rolling Stones and The O.C.'s Rachel Bilson.
  • My Dad has started telling people I'm moving to Glasgow and sending me links like this one to remind me what I'm missing out on... Whatever his plan is, it's working.

    Anonymous Thierry said...

    Ahhhh. I [heart] Big Star. And Alex doesn't sound a day over Radio City.

    1:22 PM  
    Anonymous mariah said...

    maybe i shouldn't be feeding the fire that is your strange love of pete..?

    ps. your dad's on my shit list for encouraging you to leave me... then again, maybe i'll follow you there! :)

    1:50 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Thierry you [heart] all the right things!

    Mariah - I love you for fuelling my sick sad obsession!
    And as for me for me leaving you!?! Pffff! My plan is to steal you away from Mike and bring you with me!!!

    2:10 PM  
    Anonymous mariah said...

    well i'm certainly glad he doesn't read your blog then! :)

    love you babe... see you in a few weeks!

    2:37 PM  
    Blogger King Hippo said...

    Oh my! Hollywood liberals speaking out against the president! I'm sure he's losing plenty of sleep over it. :P

    4:14 PM  
    Anonymous Thierry said...

    No RS - YOU [heart] all the right things. Speaking of which, if I don't see The Orange Juice's The Glasgow School pop up in the "What I'm Listening to" section soon, I'm going to start suspecting your standards are slipping. ;-)

    11:16 PM  
    Blogger Matt said...

    Val, you shouldn't play with my emotions like that! Joking about entering the contest then opting out because of something so small as the fact that you can't actually win. I'm surprised at you!

    I think you need to enter, just so I can post whatever hilarious/hot picture you come up with on my site. Deal?

    2:52 AM  
    Blogger spuckle said...

    Glasgow is awesome, the best place in the world in fact, and I yearn to be back there - despite the rain!

    5:38 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    King Hippo - Dude if "Summer" from the O.C. hated me I'd be crying in my sleep.

    Thierry - Fuck, I didn't even know about that! Teach me o' wise one!

    Matt - I'll see what I can do ;)

    spuckle - I don't mind the rain... And the way it is right now I'm 75% sure I'll be there in a year!

    2:36 PM  
    Anonymous Thierry said...

    Here's what I had to say about that Orange Juice cd: The Glasgow School is an astonishingly great compilation of Orange Juice's first four singles (a's and b's) for Postcard, a full album for Postcard that went unreleased, a song from a Peel Session and a cover of the Ramones' "I Don't Care" from their early days as the Nu-Sonics. Every track is essential (over 66 minutes in all, the packaging is beautiful and the liner notes are great. If you care a bit about Scottish pop or British indie - and I suspect that you do ;-) - you cannot live without this record. God bless Edwyn Collins.

    8:34 PM  

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