Tuesday, August 02, 2005

sunshine on a rainy day

  • A collective sigh of relief in the greater Toronto area tonight. It's a miracle.
  • Coldplay's "Fix You" is, like, the prettiest sad song of the summer. Check out the video. I can't help but get weapy watching it... Oh and the band played Air Canada Centre tonight and recently shared their thoughts on Canada with Chart. They're very complimentary. Bless.
  • Torr has a link where you can stream Ian Brown's new single "All Ablaze".
  • The Cribs are awesome so go download some of their tunes over at Scenestars!
  • Stereogum has an MP3 of Shuggie Otis "Strawberry Letter 23" which is just a mind-blowing song everyone needs to hear.
  • Ultragrrrl made a post (and then deleted it) saying that The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers got married in Hawaii today!
  • Patsy Kensit and Liam Gallagher make peace as their son Lennon has surgury.
  • Spin has the scoop on the new Strokes album.
  • Props to Ryan Adams who finally gave in and covered Bryan Adams "Summer of '69". That takes balls.

    Blogger D said...

    Love your Blog! You inspired me to start mine.

    12:35 AM  
    Blogger rocknrollstar said...

    Miss Valerie,

    I very elated everybody is ok in Tonronto! Very scary...

    As for "Mr. Killers" aka Mr. Flowers... he's starting to bother me more and more...this guy is worse than Mr. Albarn... and I used to like the Killers!... Watcha' think?

    1:23 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Give It Back - Wow, thank you! I'm gonna check out your blog now!

    rocknrollstar - Yeah well as someone who knew the band before AND after the record was released I'd be lying if I said he hadn't changed... But at the same time, that guy was meant to be a star (and deserves to be one) so its only natural he behave like one... I dunno, I think he's still a really good person - the ego's just kinda inflated (but at the same time I think rightfully so). Hes just modelling himself off of Morrissey so its only natural he come off like a bit of a cunt.

    7:30 AM  
    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    I cannot believe Ryan actually did it. Pitchfork (yes, I know, insert eye roll here) was running a much hyped part two interview with him. Although it needed some serious editing it had an interesting little anecdote about Ryan meeting Bryan in a hotel.He wa high on some cold medication and asked him t play a character in a Wizard of OZ remark (I think it was the Tin Man). It also touched on "fans" coming to the concert and asking him to cover that very tune. Although he has a rep for being an enfant terrible I thought his response was fairly reasonable. Although it sort of annoyed him, what really ticked him off was that the "fan" kept doing while he was on stage with some guest musicians that he respected very much. Plus it was a quiet set so the constant "Play Summer of '69" ruined the mood.

    10:36 AM  
    Anonymous Thierry said...

    "Strawberry Letter 23" is one of my favourite songs ever, and the basis for another favourite, OutKast's "Ms. Jackson". Really, the entire Inspiration Information reissue on Luaka Bop is fantastic - Donnie Hathaway covering Stevie Wonder, as produced by John McEntire, maybe? Yup. Smooth goodness...

    11:00 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    MikeD - Its just nice to hear he seems to have rediscovered his sense of humour.

    Thierry - You have really good taste but you already know this. I'll have to check out this 'Inspiration Information' reissue you speak of.

    11:33 AM  
    Anonymous Thierry said...

    You'll [heart] Inspiration Information. Sure, it's no "Trapped in the Closet" (what is?), but it's right near the top of my list of Music To Swoon To.

    9:07 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Thierry - You and your bloody R. Kelly...

    9:09 PM  
    Anonymous Thierry said...

    Give Chris Martin a couple more weeks, and I'm willing to bet you a sixer of gin-and-tonics that Coldplay will be covering that song live. And I'll take "Trapped in the Closet" over the crappy Hold Steady record that everyone and their Pitchfork seem intent on making the critical hit of 2005...

    9:42 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Thierry - I'll take that bet... Oh and stop reading Pitchfork - all their reviews are for assholes who don't have minds of their own.

    9:56 PM  

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