Tuesday, January 31, 2006

losing it

  • The Streets new album 'The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living' is due out in April.
  • Ian Brown to recieve NME's Godlike Genius Award. Well deserved.
  • At a one-off show in Glasgow last night Primal Scream played 6 new songs which were straight up rock'n'roll as opposed to their recent electronic sound.
  • You can now listen to music from Jack White and Brendan Benson's new band The Raconteurs over at their official website.
  • Arctic Monkeys may have to wait up to a year to see the royalities.
  • Radiohead are headling the V Festival this summer.
  • The Coachella line-up has been unveiled. Meh.
  • Inmates say Pete Doherty is "losing it" in prison. Hopefully its just him going through withdrawl.
  • Kate Moss will return to the UK within the next 48 hours to face police. And apparently the Scientologists want to "save" her. Eek.
  • Brokeback Mountain leads the Oscar nominations.
  • AAAAND I'm bored.

    Blogger Me.Myself.I said...

    The Arctic Monkeys might want to watch some vintage Behind the Music episodes so that they can learn the shadier side of the music biz. LeftEye breaks it all down quite nicely in the "TLC" episode.

    I am ready for the new Streets cd.

    Thanks for the scoops!

    2:28 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i love how articles regarding Pete resort to using inmates as sources. -tiom.

    2:31 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Me.Myself.I - I couldn't agree more... They ought to at least feign an interest in their finances to avoid being atken advantage of!

    And I too am looking forward to the Streets new release (expecting lots of songs about his addiction).

    TIOM - Hey stanger! Well it IS the British tabloids after all...

    2:41 PM  
    Blogger Roy Santiago said...

    Hi rockwoman. Your blog is very usefull with all that information you manage to gather. Keep up that good work!
    Hi from Holland.

    5:29 PM  
    Anonymous Thierry said...

    Is it just me or that Raconteurs b-side sounds a lot like Ricky Martin's "Shake Your Bon-Bon"???

    6:46 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Thank you Roy Santiago! We like the Dutch!

    Thierry - Oh dear god. It really does. And here I thought I had wiped all memory of Ricky Martin from my musical lexicon - now its all rushing back!

    1:18 AM  

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