Tuesday, February 07, 2006

there is no such thing in life as normal


Blogger Me.Myself.I said...

I simply do not get Ms. Spears anymore. Have you seen the pictures of La Lohan at some of the fashion shows? Jimminy Christmas!

12:57 PM  
Blogger Gilberto said...

Well Morrissey's "...Far Off PLaces" ditty sounds like the Tea PArty i tell you! :P

OK, OK i apollogize... but you messed with Weller, Snobbypants!



3:37 PM  
Anonymous F said...

Hi! I'm Fulvio, 22, from Milan, slightly obsessed with Carl Barat. I read your blog almost everyday since it's such a good source of info.



6:26 PM  
Blogger Rock Snob said...

Me.Myself.I - Lohan needs to eat some sandwiches and get her titties back.

G. - I did not mess with Weller! I simply noted he hates everyone!

Fulvio - Hey thanks for the comment!

11:37 AM  
Blogger Gilberto said...

Ok ok sorry, overreacting. But the man is honest, that's good. Just like those monobrowed Gallaghers.


5:09 PM  
Blogger Patrick Mc. said...

Thanks for bashing Pitchfork...i still read it, but I hate them too - pompous aholes... haha

6:00 PM  

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