Friday, April 21, 2006

can't get out of bed

  • The Queen is 80 today but, more importantly, Iggy Pop turned 59 today. What a fox. Bahaha.
  • Pete Doherty is totally a dumbass. He was charged by police (again!) just afters after leaving court yesterday afternoon. He's now out on bail. Again.
  • Camden Crawl, the UK's first festival of the year, took place in London last night. Wolfmother, Dogs, The Automatic, Larrikin Love, The Paddingtons and The Slits played and crowds were treated to secret headliners - Dirty Pretty Things, Futureheads and Supergrass. Sounds like a great night.
  • In Captain Obvious news... Coldplay and Jack White are really rich.
  • If you're an Embrace fan you can check out their World Cup anthem "World At Your Feet" on The Sun's podcast.
  • You can download a live version of Arctic Monkeys "View From The Afternoon" for free today only.
  • Michael K told me about this band from Montreal called Malajube and said that I should check them out. I'm glad I listened cos boy does that kid have good taste. Check their MySpace for tunes or read about them featured in both Now and Eye this week.
  • I finally got a chance to listen to the new Sound Team album 'Movie Monster' that the lovely Jax sent me (bless her heart). It's really quite good and you can download some of the album's best songs for yourself on their official website.
  • This week's Holy Moly mailout is chock full of awesomeness.
  • Gamekillers is on Comedy Network tomorrow at 10pm. Like I said, check it out, it's hilarious. Otherwise check out Young and Sexy at The Drake followed by Don't Be Shy... Whatever you do have an awesome weekend! DO IT FOR ME!

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    pete doherty must really be some kind of joke to the london coppers.

    in much better news, i wish DPT would secretly headline me sometime.


    4:40 AM  
    Anonymous Felipe said...

    I thought you like to know:

    3:57 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Anonymous - (In regards to DPT) You and me both, Chelsea!!!

    Felipe - Thanks man but I already posted a link to the commercial on Monday!

    8:33 PM  
    Anonymous vivaissy said...

    loved larrikin love on carling 24!

    any ideas where i can get some downloads of their tracks?


    9:39 AM  
    Anonymous vivaissy said...

    ne-mind, just em here!...


    9:56 AM  

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