Wednesday, November 15, 2006


  • Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I had such a bad headache… that it’s still hanging around today. So I think that’s a pretty good excuse…
  • The new video from Muse for “Knights of Cydonia” is crazy. Me likey.
  • Bloc Party have cancelled the rest of their North American tour dates while their drummer recovers from a collapsed lung.
  • One thing I can now say I like about our Prime Minister…
  • This Zipcars ad has got to be the most depressing thing I’ve seen all day.
  • K-Fed is SUCH a douche. I never thought I’d say this but… Poor Britney!
  • Um yeah. So I haven’t missed much... Or have I?

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    New Bloc Party album leaked this weekend and the band is pissed.

    11:28 PM  
    Anonymous Cory said...

    KFC changed their logo.

    and Brand New's album leaked.
    but i refuse to download it, for it's too long to ruin the wait.


    12:19 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    brand new leaked days ago though...i just felt like saying that one for filler.


    12:20 AM  
    Anonymous Karl said...

    Sorry to hear about the headache, but sorta glad if it's just a headache. If it hangs around too long, go take advantage of that national health care (he wrote, not knowing if that was unintentionally funny).

    1:39 PM  

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