Wednesday, November 08, 2006

today gives me headaches

  • Why Britney left K-Fed and why Pete Doherty’s on the SlimFast diet.
  • Speaking of, Pete’s been fined for assaulting a reporter. He's never been good at the 'role model' thing.
  • Here’s a funny interview Noel Gallagher did with Exclaim!
  • Also from NME, Noel Gallagher feels like “the fantasy's gone out of making music” because its “too real” now. He prefers the olden days when he actually believed David Bowie was from Mars.
  • Christopher Walken playing Ozzy Osbourne is pretty much on of the funniest things I can imagine.

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    hey rock snob, i put a video on my website about K-Fed, if you can give me a shoutout on your site I'm sure I could repay you with one on mine.


    keep up the site I go on all the time

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