Thursday, October 26, 2006

thanks hydro one!

  • There was a power outage today in North York and after 3 hours of "working" in the dark and with no phones or power, I got to go home early... THANK YOU HYDRO ONE FOR SUCKING AT DOING YOUR JOB!
  • Kate Moss isn't preggers with Pete Doherty's baby... as demonstrated in this picture of her drinking with Pete at a recent party. The Superficial said it best.
  • Liam Gallagher's been making fun of "posh lightweights" like Pete Doherty and that guy from Keane for going to rehab.
  • Is it just me or doesn't this sound like a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Today I was mocked at work for saying I thought it would be fun!

    Anonymous Karl said...

    Some people have no appreciation for the Undead. Pate will be Zombie-rich on Friday!

    11:17 PM  
    Anonymous sjb said...

    Hey you -- Torr has 2 new Jarvis tracks and a link to a few more as I do believe you're a fan. Thought I'd return the favor as you keep me up to date on a daily basis!


    11:38 AM  

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