Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lately I've noticed that keep checking this blog (MY BLOG) to see if it's been updated. Yeah. Seriously. Like for real.
I clearly need to start sleeping or stop abusing unsafe energy-boosing beverages.
  • So in case you're a total FUCKTARD and missed watching Kaiser Chiefs on Letterman you can redeem yourself and WATCH IT ONLINE! Why? Because it's a FUCKING BRILLIANT live performance kids! Ricky busted out his scissor kicks and danced up a storm despite his busted ankle - what a trooper! Oh and I'd like to add that Ricky is looking quite tasty these days... Boys, if you want to win my heart, wear a suit and eyeliner, jump around a bit and soon enough I'll swoon.
  • Noel Gallagher says the new Oasis album is better than 'Definately Maybe' so we will all run out and buy it even though will likely be shit.
  • Dodge gives my old boyfriend Pete Yorn some love. That previous line might not be entirely true.
  • Oh and if you didn't get pre-sale tickets for Ryan Adams Toronto show yesterday have no fear! The show's been moved to Kool Haus and there's another presale today 10a.m. - 10p.m. (password: cardinals).
  • "Get this bitch a lard IV stat!" Loves it.
  • Maybe it's because of the sleep deprivation but I thought this "Muffin Murder" animation was fucking hilarious! It's like all the fun of doing drugs and having a crazy trip without actually having to buy drugs, consume drugs, or trip out. I also endorse Flee-Flee Flah-Fluh and Action News at 6.

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