Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Caring is creepy.
  • Happy 37th Birthday to the very handsome and charming Mr Damon Albarn!
  • The illustrated version of Pulp's "Common People".
  • Loads of great MP3s courtesy of a link from Dodge at My Olde Kentucky Blog who always has the best downloads!
  • I totally wish I could have been at the SPIN SXSW House Party!
  • Pictures from SXSW are starting to pop up everywhere... Fotoessay let a few leak here and here.
  • And Chart's got SXSW Report Day 4.
  • White Stripes have finished their new album. I don't even care anymore.
  • Just a reminder that Morrissey releases his new live single on Monday!
  • Sad news... One of my favourite teachers passed away over the weekend... RIP Rob Lamb.
  • The Star looks at a recent Statistics Canada survey and predicts what Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver will be like in 2017! (From Blog TO)
  • J9's got a new post on pubic hair.
  • "We're in good company" said Erin with sarcasm when she discovered that the kid who went on the school shooting spree in Minnesota had a LiveJournal. Shudder.
  • Paris has a new Tinkerbell! And it's even more freakishly small!
  • Someone please buy me a Clocky! Three alarms and a kick to the head aren't enough for me to haul ass out of bed some mornings. Sad but true.
  • THIS IS HILARIOUS. (Laughs come from Ultragrrrl)

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