Friday, March 11, 2005

Your worst is the best.
  • Please sign the petition to free Wendy! I wish the government could see that Toronto needs more people like her - we can't afford to lose her!
  • The Sun nailed a great headline with this one...
  • Coldplay have named their new album 'X&Y' and announced that the first single will be "Speed of Sound". That's hot.
  • The Kaiser Chiefs have already made it to the pages of Time Magazine! And so the backlash begins...
  • The new single from Art Brut has a good story behind it...
  • Shirley Manson looks SMOKIN HOT on the new Garbage video for "Why Do You Love Me". I actually want to BE her.
  • Zoilus reports that Brian Eno is speaking at the Art Gallery of Ontario April 21 on "Third Culture: Where Art meets Science." I might wanna go to that... Anyone care to join me?
  • In case, like me, you nerds missed the trailer for the new Star Wars flick, Episode III: Revenge on the Sith, you can watch it here! (Right click, "Save Target As")
  • I have to admit that last night (after The O.C. party) I stayed up late watching Blind Date and Cheaters. I am not above trashy tv. I did it in an effort to better understand my friend's guilty pleasures. I did it for you Ian... only for you.
  • This is the funniest gun safety video in existance!!! It reaffirms my love of irony! (Thanks Tom!)

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