Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Happy endings? They never bored me - they still dont bore me.
  • Despite being plagued by technical problems Ian Brown put on a fully satisfying show at The Mod Club last night. His perseverance, attempts to entertain, constant apologies and respect for the audience totally won me over... And it didn't hurt that he plays some of my favourite Stone Roses tracks (Sally Cinnamon, She Bangs The Drums, Waterfall, I Wanna Be Adored, etc) and his best solo stuff (F.E.A.R., Love Like A Fountain, Golden Gaze, Dolphins Were Monkeys, Keep What Ya Got, etc). I walked away feeling very impressed (despite all the drama and nearly dying on the treacherous drive to and from the show).
  • Chart reviews Kasabian's "pretty fuckin' amazing" show in Toronto.
  • Kaiser Chiefs new single "Oh My God" entered the British charts at #6! I feel like a proud Mum!
  • I really like this song "Forgiveness" by The Engineers.
  • Bis reform under the new name of Data Panik.
  • Zoilus knows what's goin down in Toronto this month.
  • NBC has sent out emails providing a "sneak preview" of "The Office," the U.S. rip-off of the hilarious BBC show. Lame. Why can't they just leave good TV alone.
  • And since I kinda outed myself last night, I'd like to make it publicly known that I really like the song "Moon River" and that I have classical stations programmed as favourites on my car radio... There I said it... I feel so free now!

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