Monday, February 28, 2005

“WHITE CHICKS WAS ROBBED." - The only thing that was remotely entertaining about last night's Academy Awards.
  • OSCARS = WORST EVS. Not even worth talking about. Props to my Mom for noting that Renee Zellweiger looked like one of my special edition Barbie's in that red dress.
  • Morrissey has reportedly signed a $2M book deal with Penguin to publish his memoirs!
  • I'm a little nervous about Ian Brown's show at The Mod Club tonight after seeing footage of his New York gig on Saturday Night... Still fingers are crossed. In the meantime, read a recent Q & A with the Monkey Man.
  • Andrew Kendall took fantastic pics of Kaiser Chiefs this weekend at the Camden Barfly! My obsession is reaching epic proportions!
  • Teenage Fanclub are set to release their new album Man-Made.
  • Mel C teaming up with Franz Ferdinand? WTF?
  • My Old Kentucky Blog has found a few tracks from the never-to-be-release Fiona Apple album. :*(
  • The Others continue their spree of guerrilla gigging! At one point drummer Martin Oldham even grabbed Masters' megaphone and screamed: "This is your drummer speaking please move back to the wall otherwise I will die." But this only brought further cheers and laughter from their fans who continued to crowd surf and crawl up the wall bars leaving singer Masters to start collecting mobile phones, car keys and train tickets lost during the riotous set.
  • Things have been quiet on the Pete Doherty front... The Guardian's still keeping the flame alight!
  • We love Brendan Benson and the fact that someone posted some tracks from Lapalco : You're Quiet and Tiny Spark.
  • For Ian... Muppets Overtime. A short film that pays tribute to Muppet creator Jim Henson.
  • Isaac sent me a very cool, very short film he finished called 'Fidel'. It's one of the most highly entertaining shorts I've seen!
  • Liquid Generation's Paris Hilton Interactive Sidekick.

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