Friday, March 04, 2005

Aint no some bitch gonna treat me like a whore.
  • First off, I just wanna send out BIG SMOOCHES to the kind souls who've sent me e-mails these past few days! THANK YOU for showing me the love! I don't know what I did to deserve such nice readers so BLESS YO HEART!
  • Dodge hit the jackpot finding over 700 MP3s from SXSW music festival bands! Run, don't walk!
  • Preview some tracks from Brendan Benson's The Alternative To Love over at his official site.
  • 10:51am Toronto found some kid that posted Rilo Kiley's brilliant More Adventurous.
  • "Pulp is for single people." Discuss.
  • Copy,right? has Peaches covering Eletric Six's "Gay Bar". How did I not know about this?
  • Those Nicky Hilton's body-painting photos are fakes! (Thanks Duarte!)
  • I'm absolutely obsessed with this brilliant NME parody! BEST EVS!
  • Happy Weekending my pretties!

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