Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I don't want to know if you don't want me.
  • Sloan's Twice Removed tops Chart's Top 50 Canadian Albums. Again! They beat out stiff competition from Joni Mitchell and Neil Young.
  • Stream "Why Do You Love Me" from the new Garbage album Bleed Like Me. I fuckin love Shirley Manson but I find this song kinda disappointing... Perhaps it will grow on me like their last effort did.
  • My Old Kentucky Blog has links to shedloads of MP3's for your downloading pleasure. As always.
  • For fans of UK summer music festivals NME's got Glastonbury ticket details and Reading tickets are already on sale!
  • New Basement Jaxx video for "Oh My Gosh" featuring cute old people macking each other up at a seniors centre!
  • Looking for a cure for acne? "Take 2 puppies before they can see, chop of their heads and hang them up by the heels to bleed". BARGHH! This is my worst nightmare come true! History is full of the SICKEST SHIT EVER! And the scariest thing is that I tried one of these remedies (rubbing lemons on my face to get rid freckles) as a kid!
  • Best caption ever.

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