Wednesday, March 09, 2005

And if I seem a little strange well, that's because I am.
  • OK. Two albums I need to insist you investigate. And no, sadly, I'm not getting paid to endorse such products :(
    1. Kaiser Chiefs debut album 'Employment'. I really cannot rave about it enough and it seems that critics and fans alike agree with my good judgement. I can't imagine anything else topping it as my favourite album of 2005. Go download "Yes, Caroline".
    2. Idlewild's 'Warnings/Promises' which is also garnering loads of well-deserved praise.
    These records have certainly set the bar very high for other albums being released this year. I hope all other bands are up to the challenge.
  • I'm a big fan of Kill City's "Hooligans on E". Watch a video clip to get a taste of the song which was penned by Lisa Moorish's baby's daddy Mr. Pete Doherty. She is also, as you might know, the mother of Liam Gallagher's daughter. The girl's got taste. Anyway, you can read a really great interview she did with The Evening Standard recently!
  • Remember! The Simple Life is on tonight!
  • Hey all you hippies! What's your Ecological Footprint? If everyone lived like me we would need 3.7 planets. That's hot.

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