Thursday, March 10, 2005

Just because I rock, doesn’t mean I’m made of stone.
  • The Toronto news has been full of crazies lately. Scary.
  • Fred Durst has decided not to sue Gawker over the sex tape incident after all. Oh how they crawl when they fall!
  • Morrissey is releasing his cover of Patti Smith's "Redondo Beach" as a single on March 28!
  • Check out Ted Leo doing a medley of Kelly Clarkson's awesome "Since You Been Gone" and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Maps". Delightful. Thanks Tom.
  • If you haven't discovered her yet you can download some Regina Spektor over at Scenestars. Gosh, I sure can't resist the keys.
  • My Old Kentucky Blog has loads of goodies. As usual.
  • And, incase you missed it the first time around, you can still download the HILARIOUS Kidz Bop version of "Float On" over at Teaching The Indie Kids To Dance Again!
  • The Last Song You'll Never Hear...
  • Crucial O.C. viewing tonight my pretties!
  • My friend Wes is hilarious and a short film he and some friends made has been accepted by a film festival. It's about the Canadian Paparazzi. You can check out the trailer and some of his other stuff by going to the ZED website and typing evolve_now in the Search box.
  • It's starting to feel like spring... Thus reducing my chances of being a Nippleaire! Well, this winter anyway!

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