Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Silence makes the loudest sound.
  • Ian Brown has been arrested in San Francisco after an onstage fight with a member of the audience. No charges have been laid (thus far). The whole show (plagued by technical difficulties) sounds eerily reminiscent of his recent Toronto show.
  • The new MOJO explores the legacy of Ian Curtis. (Stereogum)
  • Read about Kaiser Chiefs in Time. (Soviet Panda)
  • NME's got the tracklisting for the new Oasis album "Don't Believe The Truth".
  • Rachel at Scenestars found an unreleased Ryan Adams album. Hot.
  • I still haven't reached a verdict on Louis XIV.
  • I'm totally infatuated with Pink Is The New Blog!
  • Dear Jessica Alba. I love You. Sincerely, Miss Valerie.
  • My Scarberian friend Dart made an excellent point when he said "Scarborough is what the rest of Toronto wishes it was". And like a good journalist he's got proof to back it up here and here.
  • Niagara makes the news for our awesome grow-ops. And yes, even us in St. Catharines make fun of the small towns... And Welland. Naturally.
  • RIP Mike Holmes. Mike was in residence with me first-year and I later got to know when came out dancing at Red Square. What a horrible tragedy. What a great guy.

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