Tuesday, March 15, 2005

We're so "it" it's unbelievable!
  • Pete Doherty claims he's engaged to Kate Moss.
  • Kaiser Chiefs are on the cover of this week's NME. Fuckin right!
  • I've had a bad case of the sniffles these past few days and as I lay in bed and listened to Idlewild's "El Capitan" for the hundredth time I decided to do a little research. It turns out El Capitan is a huge cliff in California that, according to Roddy, depressed people like to climb and then throw themselves from its peak (to their death). Feel good song of the week.
  • Dodge has MP3's from "B" boys like Belle & Sebastian, Ben Lee and Bright Eyes.
  • In case you missed Arcade Fire on Conan like I did you can watch it here. Yawesome.
  • How They Met: Franz Ferdinand. Funny, this is how I imagine meeting my future husband...
  • Lindsayism explores Blog Cheese... I plead guilty.
  • William Shatner "I Am Canadian".

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