Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Pledge your allegiance to the the United States of Me.
  • The Babyshambles new album is going well with the band laying down 12 tracks in 7 days! Quick! Before Pete ends up in jail again!
  • Puffy's in town today!
  • Brandon Flowers (The Killers) dishes out some fightin words on The Bravery. Could it be the new You Cock! rivalry? I hope so!
  • I saw the new Louis XIV video for "Finding Out True Love Is Blind" and I liked it! I find is very aesthetically pleasing AND I kinda wanna sleep with the singer - not because he's particularly hot but because he seems like he'd be filthy in bed.
  • Academic scholars from around the world gather in Manchester this week to study the influence of THE SMITHS on British culture. I live in the wrong country.
  • Ugh! Courtney Love to play 'Deep Throat' star Linda Lovelace. Oh and did I mention that Beyonce is being considered to play Bob Dylan? Yeah, you read that right!
  • McDonalds is trying to woo rappers. Whatever happened to credibility?
  • Canada loves Go Fug Yourself and Stereogum!
  • OMG! ANTM host/bitch/model Janice Dickinson, Omarosa (The Apprentice), Pepa (from Salt'N'Pepa) and "Balki" (come on, I know you all watched Perfect Strangers) are part of the new cast of The Surreal Life 5! Amazing!
  • Oh Wendy's... I still love you and your Jr. Cheeseburgers (incase it wasn't obvious by looking at me).
  • America has more problems than we ever imagined... Apparently, Yanks are too sleepy for sex! Are they crazy?

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