Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Morning updates today because I'm supposed to be writing a paper that I'm supposed to be handing in at Noon and that's not gonna happen so I'll be writing that paper for the rest of the day... So essentially this is a last-ditch effort at procrastination...
  • What does everyone think about the new Oasis single "Lyla"?
  • Kaiser Chiefs are on Late Show with David Letterman tonight and I am SOFUCKINGEXCITED!
  • Speaking of which, the band played the Spin offices yesterday. Damn those lucky smug music journalist bastards.
  • Ian Brown tried to start a fight with a fan at a gig in Scotland on Monday night. This "techinical difficulties" bullshit is starting to get a little old Mr. Brown...
  • PETA takes on J.Lo. More at Personally, I'm quite fond of my Grandmother's VINTAGE furs BUT I think it's pretty irresponsible of Mrs. Lopez to launch an entire line of FURS in this day and age. Plus, I still really like Sophie Ellis Bextor and I'll agree with pretty much anything she endorses.
  • Arcade Fire are on the cover of this week's Time magazine (Canadian edition). Fuckin right.
  • Watch the trailer for Keira Knightley's new movie... because she's hot. What better reason.
  • OK, I need to get back to pretending to write papers (i.e. drinking my Red Rave supply and having lightswitch raves in my bedroom).

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