Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm supposed to be in Toronto right now... I swear I'm on my way right now! Ima comin'!
  • Kaiser Chiefs are returning to Toronto May 29th at The Mod Club. I'm seriously considering postponing my vacation for this.
  • Chart reviews all the Juno winners so I don't have to.
  • The Modern Age addresses the strange addictive power of Louis XIV. I admit that I shamelessly adore their album.
  • Scenestars has the new Ryan Adams track "Cold Roses" for your listening pleasure.
  • Have a listen to Rilo Kiley's live session at XFM.
  • Britney and K-Fed now have their own reality show... Grrrrrreeeeeeeeeat, as if Jessica and Nick weren't bad enough. (I'd like to note that I did enjoy Carmen and Dave's 'Til Death Do Us Part!)
  • You had to have seen this coming... The Official Blog of Fetus Spears.
  • Public Service Announcement: Ladies, after many embarassing "But I thought I was wearing underwear this morning!?!" moments this past week, I have to reccommend you avoid La Senza's string bikini panties with the side clasps (for easy unhooking). Lately mine have been coming undone all over town. Seriously. And NOTHING is more awkward than your underwear falling out your pantleg at the supermarket.

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