Monday, April 04, 2005

So I totally do NOT recommend waking up at 6am to do yoga. It only makes you want to go back to bed. Seriously. Heed my warning.
  • Sin City is ridiculously fucked up and awesome... my kind of movie. Go see it.
  • Morrissey's new live CD and DVD are out today!
  • Glastonbury tickets sold out in less than three hours! I got mine!!!
  • Coldplay decide on the ugliest album artwork ever. Like, ewww!
  • Jarvis Cocker has taken to the airwaves...
  • Neil Young is recovering from a brain aneurysm. It's the best excuse not to attend the Junos that I've ever heard.
  • Check out footage of the Ian Brown fight! Thanks Gaz!
  • Thank you to Darren for finding and sharing The Tears first gig. He's right, "Autograph" is a beaut.
  • "No sex please, we're from Manchester"... I hope this is a cruel April Fools Day joke.
  • Feel good story of the day: FREE FISHY! I'm pretty much in love with this guy (even with the orange pants)!

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