Wednesday, September 07, 2005

i'm wastin my life, you're changin the world

  • I can't believe Antony And The Johnsons won the Mercury Prize! Seriously, the Kaiser Chiefs got robbed!
  • Francis Bean Cobain's first interview!
  • Goldie Lookin Chain piss off the Beckhams! Well done boys.
  • Micheal Jackson's undergoing a style makeover... or, as Thierry called it, a "Jacko-ver".
  • My best friend Ian is leaving for Peru today. He'll be doing humanitarian work there until Christmas and I'm incredibly proud of him for doing so... but I can't write anymore or I'll get all emo...

    Blogger janchill said...

    hell yeah, the kaiser chiefs deserved the mercury price ... you're right !

    10:19 AM  
    Blogger Punk is Dead said...

    The Kaiser Chiefs are a pretty decent band and all (they write catchy tunes and play them well), but you must admit they are slightly derivative. Of course, who isn't these days...

    It may have just been the case that the Mercury jury decided to go against the grain this year, to give a bit of a promotional boost to a band that could be considered one of the "lesser known" candidates this year (which is to say, the Kaiser Chiefs certainly get their fair share of press in the UK).

    12:08 PM  
    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    I wasn't expecting the Kaisers to win. It seems upbeat dancable rock got it's win last year with the archdukes of Glasgow. That's too bad 'cause it's hard to beat those roaring infectious anthems on Employment—what could be more British than anthems? Plus from everything I’ve heard they seem like great guys. Still I figured M.I.A. was the one to beat given how big her type of thing has gotten in the U.K. Oh well shows how much I know.

    Although I loved GLC’s dig at Posh, after reading the kicker I can’t help but feel for Geri. When will people stop kicking the poor girl, she’s already about as down as you can get.

    As per Ian I wish him luck on his noble endeavor. I trust you’ll give the lad a proper send off.

    1:50 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Janchill - Yeah! I love when people agree with me!

    punk is dead - Good point. Whatever the reason for their choice I'm just glad I didn't bet any money or I'da been fucked.

    MikeD - Yeah I'd figured MIA would have been the only competition for the Chiefs... I was so so wrong. Tear. And you're right, people do need to be nicer to Geri.

    10:29 PM  
    Blogger Gilberto said...

    Tell the man to bring you Pisco this time woman! After a couple of sips of that you'll start acting like Spice in that tune!



    12:30 AM  
    Anonymous everson said...

    I thought Antony was by far the most deserving... the album is incredible and the most original besides the Polar Bear album (but they were never in with a shot).

    The Kaisers are just a standard pop-rock band and in my humble opinion, nout special. With regards to MIA, the judges have a history of giving the prize to rap/hip-hop/r&b/d&b acts only for time to highlight the foolishness of the decision (M-People over Blur, Roni Size - Reprazent, as much as I love the album, over OK Computer...)

    There's been much complaining in the UK about Antony's eligibility to compete for the prize and MIA apparently walked out after the decision... I personally think this business about him being "American" is bollocks... if he was born here and speaks with an English accent, he is no more American than John Lennon was.

    6:04 AM  

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