Friday, September 09, 2005

school day

  • Today's my first day back at school. Pray for me.
  • Babyshambles joined in on the 'Help: A Day In The Life' album at the last minute. Oh and so did Coldplay!
  • Are Pete and Kate engaged? Does anyone care anymore?
  • Art Brut split with their guitarist.
  • Ian Brown doesn't like the monkey comparisons.
  • Speaking of monkeys, there's video of Arctic Monkeys "I Bet You Look Good on The Dancefloor" on their site. It's sparse to say the least and I've developed some weird attraction to most of the band members for reasons I cannot explain.
  • Depeche Mode announce their first North American tour in more than four years. They roll into Toronto on December 1st at the ACC.
  • CBS airs Fashion Rocks tonight with performances from David Bowie and The Arcade Fire.
  • Rolling Stone magazine has published Hunter S Thompson's suicide note. Classy.
  • Paris Hilton on the October cover of Vanity Fair. Can't help but notice she's using the old 'push down your boobs down to make them look bigger' trick.
  • Thoughts on The O.C. last night?
  • Sky News tells it like it is! Suck it Bush!

    Anonymous Thierry said...

    The O.C.:
    - not convinced about Ryan's new haircut
    - overall lack of Cohen quirkines, aside from the shorts bits on baseball videogames and teen wolf
    - not a fan of Jeri Ryan (and what's with Fox's habit of suddenly dropping Boston Public alumnis into other shows?)
    - Marissa's mom is becoming even more of a bitch, and her dad's increasingly looking like the asshole he probably is.
    - we're all going to miss Cal. And the short-lived Marissa-as-a-lesbian subplot.

    10:07 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    My friends and I were under the impression that Kirsten might have lesbian liasons in rehab with Jeri Ryan... either that or Jeri Ryan's gonna try to steal Kirsten's life.

    But I love Julie Cooper being such a fierce bitch... in fierce shoes.

    10:11 AM  
    Anonymous Thierry said...

    Yes. "Fierce" is definitely the way I would descibe those pink high-heeled roman sandals...Wow. I just felt a massive drop in my testosterone level.

    10:14 AM  
    Blogger Jason said...

    "Help: A Day In The Life" I want this comp. just for one reason.
    Radiohead's new track. "I Want None of It"

    9:51 PM  
    Blogger Alice said...

    I can't believe they put Britney Spears on the cover of Vogue. Vogue is supposed to be uppity and classy, but Britney Spears is super trashie. Oh, and you seem to like Tara Reid, so I thought I should donate this piece:

    Your blog is awesome. It serves all of my rock needs. Thanks!

    1:57 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Jason - I'm sure aside from Radiohead, there will be quite a few killer tracks on there!

    Sarah - Aw, thanks hun! I couldn't agree with you more on the Britney thing!

    6:23 PM  
    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    I say perfect return to form on the O.C. Seth got his wise cracks in with the baseball and Teen Wolf. So we had the funny of season one. The deliciously diabolical Julie Cooper from season one returns—it's about time too. I was getting sick of the 'my-toughness-is-just-front-for-how scared-I-am-of-losing-everything' Julie of season two. Season two was sadly missing the perfect love-to-hate character that is vintage Julie Cooper. We had plenty of season two style drama with Ryan being thrown back in jail. We also even had a little self-referential throw back action with Ryan packing his old sweater and the scene in jail with Sandy and Ryan repartee. So season two was well represented. If that wasn't enough the right thing ended up being done, the major questions of last season were pretty much answered and a few other plot lines were hinted at for future development. What more could you want form a premier?

    My one gripe was Jimmy not doing the right thing. Aside from taking off to Hawaii for selfish reasons I always thought for all his faults he was fiercely loyal-do-the-right-thing kind of dude. When I found out he did nothing to stop Julie it broke my heart. I felt the writers betrayed the character with that.

    I’m also weary of the new character. I fear Jeri Ryan may 'cause more marital strife for my K-andy (Kirsten and Sandy)—best parent’s on TV today and a solid couple. Damn it Josh Schwartz you can jump the sofa and shark and I’ll still be there watching but I’m warning you do not mess with the Kandy. I also have to praise both Jesus and Moses ‘cause there was no concert this week—an early Chrismukah miracle.

    I was expecting some Demi Moore too. Correct me if I'm wrong but I heard rumours of her playing Summer's Stepmonster?

    8:55 PM  

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