Thursday, February 23, 2006

give me sleep or give me Wake-Ups

  • Just a teeny tiny post today because I just drove back from Toronto after celebrating Alana's birth at Tabloid last night. Good times. Rebecca rules at life for playing Libertines for me.
  • The New York Times article about Toronto's music scene. Link from For The Records.
  • Morrissey says he was investigated by the FBI and British intelligence after speaking out against the American and British governments. Heart.
  • The Killers are being sued for $9M by their former manager. He's gonna make a pretty penny. I remember sitting next to him the night we all went with the band and Stellastarr* to Sneaky Dees. In retrospect, I kinda wish I had flirted more... Ahahah.
  • Ian Brown's not a fan of the Brit Awards... or Israel.
  • The NME Awards go down tonight.
  • Damnit! Gael Garcia Bernal is back together with Natalie Portman. Tis a sad day for me.
  • Kate Moss is moving back to Britain.
  • Two Pint Challange = Suprisingly hard.

    Blogger Ash said...

    Cool list. I'm a Doherty fan too. I'm definitely going to be watching the nme awards tonight, i posted my verdicts on my site.

    12:26 PM  
    Blogger Rebecca said...

    You rule at life for saying that I rule at life!
    And you were with us at Sneaky Dee's that night?! Ahhhh, memories. Disgusting, icky memories.

    9:48 PM  

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