Wednesday, February 15, 2006

love is the drug

  • I had a WONDERFUL Valentines Day and I'm still kinda recovering from it... Sorry for the delay my pretties.
  • I'm currently listening to Brit Awards coverage on BBC Radio 1 if anyone else is an eager beaver like me.
  • Lots of exciting festival news is starting to emerge... for British people anyway. Franz Ferdinand have confirmed they're playing T In The Park and Ian Brown and Maximo Park have confirmed appearances at a new British music festival 'Hi:Fi' - but what is even more awesome is the accompanying picture of Ian Brown looking smiley and cute!
  • The Streets 'The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living' tracklisting has been announced.
  • Damon Albarn is writing a stage musical based on life in Notting Hill. WHA?
  • Oh, if anyone's interested in seeing the legendary Ray Davies at Massey Hall (Toronto) on March 30th then shoot me a message. I have four extra tickets that I'm willing to sell (for less than Ticketmaster price) for wicked first balcony seating.
  • Paris Hilton got 'floured' by PETA at London Fashion Week.
  • Kevin Federline: still better with guns than Dick Cheney.

    Blogger Gilberto said...

    Hey preciosa, i'd like one of those "kinky" tx (sorry, bad, bad i know).



    1:29 PM  
    Blogger cbotwell said...

    I have the streets single here:

    7:04 PM  
    Anonymous Claire said...

    aw Ian Brown! I heart him.

    10:30 AM  

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