Monday, March 20, 2006

death to sxsw

  • SXSW is over! Yay! Now I don't have to feel so left out! Welcome back to all the lucky fuckers who were down there!
  • Pitchfork has a SXSW Diary, Parts One, Two and Three.
  • Andrew Kendall has a teaser gallary from the festival! So pretty.
  • BBC has audio and visuals from SXSW.
  • The Cribs resident troublemaker celebrated SXSW by being violently sick onstage.
  • Beastie Boys made a suprise appearance at the festival.
  • Arctic Monkeys played a killer SXSW set. The boys are opening for Oasis tonight at the ACC in Toronto and I'm catching them tomorrow night at their headlining show at the Phoenix.
  • Douglas Coupland interviews Morrissey.
  • Roddy Woomble of Idlewild (who I adore) is working on a solo album!
  • Roxy Music are also back and working on a new album! How sweet is that?
  • Is anyone going to this Career Concepts thing on Friday?
  • I know I'm supposed to be, like, turned on by this but EW!
  • Oh seal loving Americans... You mean well... but we still own you!

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