Friday, March 10, 2006

fuck yeah it's friday

  • BBC News talks to Graham Coxon about his new solo album.
  • The Rapture have roped in Danger Mouse to produce their new album. Should be pretty sweet.
  • Arctic Monkeys are already working on a new EP. Keeners.
  • Liam Gallagher calls David Beckham a “nancy boy” and all footballers "gay boys". Bless him for making life more interesting.
  • Morrissey says Bush and Blair are worse than terrorists. Because he's awesome.
  • This is a sweater only Mike Skinner (The Streets) could pull off.
  • Stellastarr* are out on tour (with The Editors) to support their new single "Love and Longing". They roll into Toronto on March 24th at the Phoenix but you can check out all other tour dates on their official website.
  • Impromptu has some pictures of Wednesday night's Strut magazine party with The Stills performing and Carlos D spinning.
  • Michael Jackson is "Losing Neverland".
  • Holy Moly's 'Pic of the Week' makes me smile.
  • The people behind Queen Street West Man have a blog! And a new (NSFW) video! Not as good as the first but good all the same.
  • You might want to watch, timeshift, tape or TiVo Conan O'Brien tonight. It can only be good.

    Blogger Gilberto said...

    I hope you are goign to the Editors gig Snobbypants. I am not karayzee about Stellastarr (althoght i don't mind them) but Editors, should be great.

    Nada Surf on sat. should be great as well, they were last time they played TO.

    The National on the 22nd, She Wants Revenge on the 8th (beats seeing them in the Cavern-Dome-Centre with DM.



    1:33 PM  
    Blogger Me.Myself.I said...

    That was an awesome sweater!!

    1:51 PM  
    Blogger Rebecca said...

    Thanks for the Impromptu mention! I wish you could've been there soooo much.

    And hi, I love Mr. Skinner's sweater.

    3:43 PM  

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