Monday, February 27, 2006

i saw dead people

  • So yesterday at 2am my significant other and I checked out BodyWorlds 2 on its last day of exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre. It was every bit as amazing as everyone told me - I just wish I had gone sooner so I could have encouraged more people to go! It's heading to Houston and Denver next so if you live there (or anywhere near there) I totally urge you to check it out.
  • I heart You Tube. It's a nice resource for catching up on NME Awards footage like Ryan Jarman (The Cribs) busting up his back on the Kaiser Chiefs table (OW!) and Babyshambles performing "Albion"... Poke around and I'm sure you'll find more.
  • CBS has an obituary for John Martin, the mastermind behind The New Music and MuchMusic. Thanks Torr.
  • Kate Moss apparently having secret dates with Pete Doherty. Scandal!
  • Sex Pistols snub the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame next month. Here's the scoop.
  • Maximo Park gutarist Duncan Lloyd broke his arm after the NME Awards 2006. Shows scheduled in the next two months are cancelled.
  • Lisa Moorish, mother to both Liam Gallagher and Pete Doherty's children, has reportedly set her sights on Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner... who is, like, half her age.
  • Arctic Monkeys are the musical guest on SNL on March 11. So much for them not liking TV performances.
  • Lots of good stuff in (Canada's) TV land this week...
  • The cast of Grey's Anatomy is going to be on Oprah this Tuesday.
  • CBC is airing the 2006 Brit Awards this Thursday at 8pm (EST). You know I'll be tuning in... and taping on VHS... cos I'm awesome like that.
  • MuchMoreMusic is airing last summer's Glastonbury coverage that same night (Thursday) at 9pm... But you can catch it again at midnight or Friday at noon or 4pm. Tune in and look for my smiling face in the crowd of 115,000.
  • And, I'm spent...

    Anonymous ScriptGrrl said...

    Oh, Pete. I wish he would kick the crack once and for all because he really is so talented.

    1:39 PM  
    Blogger Angela said...

    They played The Boy Least Likely To on Grey's last night! And thanks for the Glastonbury tip.. I want to see some Bloc Party!

    6:43 PM  
    Blogger Ivan said...

    Oh Pete, would you be his lover? or his dealer?

    11:51 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    ScriptGrrl - At this point he's just too far gone - he needs to learn a serious lesson... JAIL!

    Angela - Grey's always has the best music!

    Ivan - Definately column A... Cool site - Pity I can't read French better :(

    12:43 PM  

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