Tuesday, April 04, 2006

find my way again

  • Sorry for the delay. My body is refusing to conform to Dalight Savings Time.
  • I managed to resist buying tickets to the Carling Weekend (Reading & Leeds Festivals) but it was hard with a line-up like that.
  • Babyshambles guitarist Patrick Walden was arrested yesterday for drunk driving. Monkey see, monkey do.
  • Franz Ferdinand to makes an album of Sparks covers? Uh, that might be a bit much.
  • New Order's Peter Hook not too happy with Embrace writing the World Cup song for England.
  • Gorillaz show at the Apollo was a bit of a mess. Shame.
  • Some guy who hates Canada is releasing an album here today. I'm not buying it.
  • Chart's picture and review of the Art Brut show.
  • The Flaming Lips have a sold-out show at the Phoenix tonight.
  • This random blogger is right, Grandaddy's The Soptware Slump is a perfect spring -or anytime, for that matter- album. Listen to "The Crystal Lake".

    Blogger E. said...

    Well, you have to admire that guy who hates Canada for sticking to his principles, even when they make no sense (I doubt Morrissey-fans in general are the type to go around clubbing baby seals). Meanwhile, in Oslo, I'm going to see him play on thursday. Good thing he doesn't have a problem with whaling.

    3:02 PM  
    Blogger Arya said...

    this whole entry made me laugh. the walden comment, peter hook being a curmudgeon, morrissey being a whaling fan . ineedtogobacktobed

    5:03 PM  
    Anonymous Claire said...

    The Babyshambles drunk driving story is not true - they are actually trying to take legal action against the paper as they were not even together that night.

    8:14 PM  
    Anonymous Celebrity DJ Chris Dart said...

    England '06 needs a fuckin' grime tune. It should be, like, Bearman, JME, No Lay and Durrty Goodz produced by Plasticman or DaVinChe. That would get the starting eleven ready to WAR!
    Fuck Embrace.

    10:04 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    e. - Bahahah! Enjoy the show tomorrow!

    Arya - Ahaha, sleep tight babe!

    Claire - Thanks for the 411 doll!

    Dart - I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12:43 PM  

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