Tuesday, March 28, 2006

still mad

  • It's a bit of a dull morning after all of yesterday's drama...
  • Embrace have been chosen to write and record England's official World Cup song. I can't see any song they've written inspiring football hooliganism (which I personally enjoy).
  • The new Razorlight album "sounds like a classic" say the band. Of course they're going to say that!
  • Jack White digs Arctic Monkeys. Gosh, he's so groundbreaking ;)
  • I'm actually very pleased with Quanah Humphreys of Pitchfork's spin on Morrissey's statement. Since he's being so righteous he should immediately pull his forthcoming British (um, fox-hunting anyone?) and American (uh hello, War on Iraq) tours.
  • My Death Space. So disturbing. Should anything ever happen to me please don't let them featue me on this sick website.
  • Vancouver knows how to fight/party. Flash-mob, pillow-fight stylez.
  • Toronto's got a Subway Party happening tonight. The theme is Dr. Suess.
  • My boy sent me links to these funny little flash animations about the Mens and Ladies Restrooms. Funny because it's true.

    Blogger Jay said...

    'Funny' and 'gross' are sometimes synonymous.

    12:57 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Miss Jay - You are correct.

    11:05 PM  

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