Tuesday, March 21, 2006

love and monkeys

  • How was the Arctic Monkeys/Oasis show last night? What did everyone think?
  • Here's the Toronto Sun and Toronto Star reviews of last night's show for those poor unfortunate fools like myself who missed it.
  • Before the show Noel Gallagher compared Arctic Monkeys to Oasis. Very kind. Although I must admit I lean more towards Morrissey's perspective: "It's happening all too quickly for them. They haven't proved a thing and they haven't had to work very hard - that must make them insecure. It's all a bit unnatural"... But maybe I'm just turned off because they've been such dicks in interviews lately?
  • So yeah, I'll be at the Arctic Monkeys show at the Phoenix tonight. Come say hi. And if you don't get into the sold-out Monkeys show then I suggest you go check out Annie's gig at The Mod Club.
  • David Bowie has collaborated with TV On The Radio.
  • Pete Doherty played an impromptu private gig for Mike Tyson in Manchester yesterday.
  • Maggot from GLC explains to the Mirror why they were dropped by their label. "They got sick of us smoking weed around the office and taking drinks from the fridge!"
  • Radiohead are playing a handful of UK/European tour dates in May... before the band head off on an American and Canadian tour in June!!!
  • The Strokes have added some more Canadian tour dates.
  • Torr has a link to the new Snow Patrol video for "You're All I Have".
  • MTV Live hits the Canadian airwaves today.
  • Right, that's it. I gotta get down to to work. See ya tonight.

    Anonymous jon said...

    prob. seen oasis 20 times now, 5th time on this tour.

    that was very ace!

    liams voice was on.....
    and really thats what its all about!

    arctic monkeys looked abit lost...
    but i do dig them.....

    keep on rockin' rock snob!
    a visit you everyday!


    12:49 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Didn't see that show, but saw an amazing and very intimate Richard Hawley gig at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard (Seattle) last night.

    Unbelievable really.

    Thanks for the updates Snob, you're a daily habit...

    2:29 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    pete playing for mike tyson?
    the arctic monkeys?
    i still dont get the hype.

    5:21 PM  
    Blogger tescosuicide said...

    Can't wait for Radiohead... always a good show.

    6:47 PM  
    Blogger Rebecca said...

    You know what I thought about the show last night . . .

    7:59 PM  
    Blogger Jason said...

    oasis is a good live band. i got hold of oasis in seoul bootleg and sounds amazing.

    2:25 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    jon - Whoa! Lucky guy!
    Thanks for reading!

    Anonymous - Oooh I like him. I didn't realize he was touring! Oh and you're very welcome - thanks for your readership!

    Anonymous - My thought exactly! But as for the Monkeys, they have some damn good songs (but are overhyped)!

    tescosuicide - I'm guessing by the Tesco reference in your name you're a Brit and you'll be seing Radiohead soon... Me so jealous!

    Rebecca - Ahahah! You lucked out to the max!

    Jason - I have some live bootlegs too - love em! Great live band! But I'd always rather be watching Liam for the added entertainment!

    11:31 PM  

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