Monday, April 24, 2006

when i'm this still you are my life

  • Sorry for the delay... Blogger hasn't been letting me update since 11am.
  • The 2006 Ivor Novello Awards nominees have been announced. Coldplay lead the nominations.
  • New (old) Libertines tracks are said to have surfaced online. Since I'm too lazy to chase it down myslef if anyone could point me in the right direction that'd be grand.
  • The Guardian talks to Carl Barat (of Dirty Pretty Things and, of course, The Libertines) who is far more interesting than his former bandmate and best-friend Pete Doherty these days.
  • "Pete Doherty the key to our future" from the (nasty) Calgary Sun.
  • Am I the only person who doesn't give a shit about the Smashing Pumpkins reforming?
  • Pitchfork interview the very buzzworthy Gnarls Barkley.
  • Chart reviews Ladytron's recent show in Toronto.
  • If you ever needed a reason to go see The Sounds live, this is it.
  • New film about Leonard Cohen executive produced by Mel Gibson. Seriously.
  • Orlando Bloom: sexy bitch AND Kasabian fan.
  • Mick Jagger refused to give up his hotel suite for US President George W Bush. Respect.
  • Being a funk after completing my degree, having no job and/or money, and having all my friends move away, I listened to old Manic Street Preachers almost non-stop this weekend. They really were a fucking great band back in the day. Listen to a happy-sounding sad song (er, remix) and experience the awesomeness for yourself.
  • Oh yeah and someone got murdered in my neighborhood Saturday night.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    New Libertines tracks:

    3:01 PM  
    Blogger rocknrollstar said...

    Miss Valerie,

    No, you're not the only one... I don't give a shit about the Smashing Pumpkins reforming either!

    Thanks for the linkage and congrats on your graduation!

    4:46 PM  
    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    I'm entirely with you on the Carl. I really hate that Pete seems to get all the accolades. He also gets all the attention but that's because he's a train-wreak of a human being. As the brilliant Guardian article points out the Libs was always a pretty equal partnership (with Carl actually giving more at least initially) so it is really ridiculous that nobody seems to be relegated to the other dude who founded that band Pete was in.

    The article also shows how Carl really is one of the classiest guys in the British rock world. Pete really did break his heart but the Carl's been about as true of a friend as he can be and after all he's been through he still refuses to talk any smack about Pete.

    It really is interesting to read how Carl kept pushing to talk about the future with Dirty Pretty Things rather than focus on the past of the Libs. Clearly he's not one to dwell and sulk. But I do feel for Hatterstone 'cause the Libs are Pete and Carl, so much so that the subject really is inescapable.

    And the music? All four track I've heard are up there with Libs' classics and that's got me really excited for Waterloo to Anywhere (it's probably my most anticipated album)—here's hoping he gets the success he deserves.

    As for Pete being "the key to our future." It was a pretty funny read. Sure it is a little harsh but it certainly isn't uncalled for. If you ask me Pete shown he isn't fit to be anyone's role model. If the author thinks the Libs or Babyshambles stuff is average or sub-par well he either doesn't get it or it simply wasn't written for his generation. I'm not sure how old he is and Google didn't seem to help so I can only speculate.

    Lastly I never cared about the Smashing Pumpkins in its prime and I certainly don't care about them now. I fail to understand why the band is even reforming. It's always been basically a Billy Corgan solo project so why bother reforming? Right…that's 'cause he's never had as much success under any other name.

    6:42 PM  
    Blogger boadwee blog said...


    i really don't give a rat's ass about the pumpkins. never cared about them one bit.

    i think that the DPT release will hush those who doubt carl's contributions to the libs and his true abilities.

    headed to coachella on friday courtesy of nicky franz.
    he's a peach. you should be going! only going day one.

    can't deal with 2 days and i'm seeing art brut in SF a couple of days later. would love to see scissor sisters again but they'll come through as soon as the new album is out.

    lastly, did you get 'THE TRIP" curated by jarvis and steve mackey? PURE GENIUS.

    rock the fuck out.

    xo boadwee

    9:31 PM  
    Anonymous Julie said...

    MSP are full of awesomeness.

    10:35 AM  

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