Wednesday, September 28, 2005

i feel like garbage. and i'm not talking about the band.

  • Interpol are in town tonight so bust out the black clothes!
  • Listen to the new Franz Ferdinand album, 'You Could Have It So Much Better'.
  • Check out the nominees for the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards. This year's host is Sacha Baron Cohen ("Ali G") as Khazakstani TV journalist Borat which will obviously be awesome.
  • Britney Spears is expected to make $6 million for having a baby. That's just not right.
  • Tara Reid: "As If My Boob Shot Gandhi".

    Blogger the man with no name said...

    borat hosting the mtv ema's will be slick. reid in playboy = yikes!

    11:48 AM  
    Blogger mike said...

    im feeling pretty rubbish too. Can't find the effort to blog!

    12:36 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Nathan - I wonder if Tara Reid can still look sexy if she tries?

    mike - I've literally been forcing myself to update even though they're all shit... I have this feeling of obligation!
    Anyways, I hope you feel better soon!

    1:23 PM  
    Blogger the man with no name said...

    I wonder if Tara Reid can still look sexy if she tries?

    come on now pal, she was never sexy to begin with.

    5:22 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i guess kevin federline just made 6 million dollars!

    7:51 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i agree with nathan's tara reid comment. she was never sexy.

    9:08 PM  
    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    Aw to see you this down and frustrated breaks my heart. The posts are hardly as bad as you make them out to be. Although I appreciate that you're far more consistent at this bloging thing than I'll ever be and without fail you manage to bring a laugh and smile each day with this blog—so I feel quite indebted to you. But please don't feel obliged to post if you don't feel like. Here’s hoping it gets better soon; you deserve it!

    2:22 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    I thought Tara Reid was sexy in American Pie!

    2:47 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    MikeD - Thanks for your concern and well-wishes. I'll be fine, I'm just not used to life being this un-fun... Hopefully this will be over before I 'get used to it'!!!

    2:48 PM  

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