Tuesday, September 13, 2005

sweet heart attack

I'm a little overwhelmed these days. Here's the deal.
1. It's still smokin hot outside and my apartment doesn't have air-conditioning so I'm living in conditions over 30'C in fucking mid-September. Ridiculous.
2. My internet connection is wiggity whack and barely works between 8am and 8pm. I have a technician coming this afternoon to check it out but it might not be fixed for another week or so. Or ever.
3. I'm back in school and, for once in my life, I hate it. I've wanted to drop out since the first day and have spent many hours crying about it to my parents (because I am a big sucky baby) but, after speaking with my friends, I've decided not to drop or change any courses and instead to take the massive workload as a challege. However, this will likely mean that I won't be able to blog as regularly as the semester progresses - but rest assured that everything will be back to normal by December.
Anyway, the point is that (aside from venting) I'm just letting you know things might be different around here for a little while...

For now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

  • Make Poverty History regrets joining forces with Bob Geldof and Bono with the Live 8 concerts because they hijacked the cause. Gee, y'think!?
  • Speaking of... The Make Poverty History commercials have been banned in Britain because of their political content. No more catchy snapping.
  • Wilco are releasing a two-disc live CD. 'Kicking Television - Live in Chicago' is released on October 31st.
  • Happy Mondays are releasing new single "Playground Superstar" next month (I hope it doesn't suck) and announced a bunch of live dates including a massive homecoming show.
  • Ian Brown sponsors a London football team. Why London?
  • The Charlatans' Tim Burgess talks about the bands new "darker sounding" album to XFM.
  • Oasis dedicate "Live Forever" to Katrina victims and "Don't Look Back In Anger" to "people of Mexican origin". "People of Mexican origin"? What the fuck is that about?

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Noooo....less frequent updates? Booo! :(

    1:29 PM  
    Blogger torr said...

    If you want to continue to do a post full of goodies every morning, while not taking away from your school-related time, I have a couple suggestions.

    Don't link to NME articles, I think a lot of your readers read that site anyway.

    Don't link to contactmusic/thesun/themirror/notw/femalefirst/etc articles, they're so short that they never actually say anything more than what you say in your link headline.

    The links I like best on your site (and I'm sure others would agree) are the neat little things you find that the other blogs aren't talking about yet.

    Recent examples of good stuff: Moz GQ pic, Kylie advert, Brandon Flowers soccer pic, links to quality interviews in places like The Guardian.

    Anyway, just a suggestion that maybe if you focus on this stuff you can save some time for your real-life :-) Quality not quantity. Thanks!

    1:49 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Anonymous - Its not definate - its just a possibility.

    Torr - Thanks for the good advice! I'll gonna try to work on what you suggested!

    1:57 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hang in there, val ;)

    good luck this year with the school thing.


    2:31 PM  
    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    Aww Love I can empathise the tough time. A lack of A/C on days lack this is unbearable. Having the huge fourth year workload dropped on you is enough to make anyone cry. So if there’s any way I can help just let me know.

    As per Bono and Sir Bob hijacking Live8 I gotta say the Make Poverty History people had a duh squared/thanks Captain Obvious moment on that one. Surely they should’ve seen that one coming and prepared themselves accordingly. I’m confident Sir Bob and Bono’s involvement helped raise awareness but when your talking about a campaign of that size you have be very careful and specific with your message. Since those two are so very passionate and opinionated on the topic, it’s nearly impossible to get them to follow anyone’s message but their own. I’m sure the organizers considered that made their judgment to recruit them accordingly, anything less was poor planning.

    As per Oasis’ dedication to people of Mexican origin, I don’t get it either. But hey it’s the Brothers Gallagher and I’m not sure they get themselves.

    3:19 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    At the Oasis show at the Hollywood Bowl, it was actually "Don't Look Back in Anger" that was dedicated to people of Mexican origin, not "My Generation." All they really said before "My Generation" (which was the last song of the encore) was "sing along." And, the people of Mexican origin sitting near me were very excited to get the song dedicated to them... :)

    5:59 PM  
    Blogger Dodge said...

    stay strong baba...you're good enough, you're smart enough, and dong on it, people like you.

    yah, i said dong...like, get laid, it makes life easier...fo'reezy.

    12:38 PM  
    Anonymous Sarah said...

    The name "Happy Mondays" reminds me of this fobby teacher we had when I was in high school. Every day, that's how she started class, like it was a fucking holiday. Happy Monday! Happy Tuesday! Happy Friday!

    3:38 PM  

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