Thursday, September 22, 2005

indie bingo

  • Morrissey's making a balls-to-the-wall rock record! Whaaaa?
  • John Peel tribute CD to be released. Sounds awesome.
  • Radio rip of Kate Bush's new song "King Of The Mountain".
  • Pete Doherty's happy to be clean! But not-so-thrilled about his subsequent weight gain!
  • Franz Ferdinand recently stopped in at XFM to talk to Lauren Laverne about Kylie and gangs and stuff.
  • Speaking of, I've been listening to Lauren Laverne on XFM (the best radio station in the world, in my not-so-humble opinion) for ages now and I can't recommend it enough!!! She currently hosts the drive-time show, weekdays from 4-7pm UK time (or 11am-2pm Toronto time), and you can always count on hearing some good tunes and having a laugh! Plus there's Indie Bingo! Check it out!
  • How awesome was America's Next Top Model last night!?! I totally love Kim (Lesbian) and Kyle (Dairy Queen)!


    Blogger modernmod said...

    Kyle and Kim are my fav's. I believe I mentioned those two on this very blog a whilst back.

    5:50 PM  
    Anonymous Sarah K said...

    I hate america's next top makes me feel ugly : (

    7:40 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i was hoping that it wouldn't suck in the wake of janice dickinson not being involved in the show, but i wasn't disappointed.

    that said, my favorites are also kim and kyle. (the latter one being from my homestate, so of course, i have to be hiased.)

    8:36 PM  
    Anonymous mike said...

    re: Morrissey, I think it's about time he make his sequel to "Your Arsenal". Like the glammy rock bits of that album, I'd love an album's worth of such material.

    8:48 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    modernmod - You definately can pick em!

    Sarah K - It makes me feel better about myself actually. I think most of the girls are dogs.

    bethany anne - Yeah I miss Janice but Twiggy was pretty awesome actually.

    mike - Yeah! I'm so excited! At the same time, I did dig the slower vibe of YATQ.

    10:25 AM  
    Anonymous Sarah said...

    He's cute chubby!!

    9:34 PM  
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