Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's just hit me... I've finished three years of Univeristy! How the fuck did I do that?
  • I'm a nerd and I've only just discovered the genius of The Vicar over at Indoor Fireworks. How have I been in the dark about this for so long?
  • Noel Gallagher says The Coral are "fucking brilliant". How many times have we heard that before...
  • Check out exclusive footage of Idlewild performing "American English" at the Shaw Theatre in London. Realplayer lo / hi. WinMedia lo / hi.
  • Franz Ferdinand show some support for the Green Party. That's hot.
  • New Order say "maybe (drugs) weren't all that bad". Role models!
  • Blur are planning a comeback!
  • And speaking of Britpop, Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson continues to criticize Pete Doherty. I'm not impressed.
  • Dear Pete. Please don't let Kate Moss join Babyshambles... unless she plays tamborine and just shimmies around the stage. Love Valerie.
  • Garbage punk their fans. Clever bastards!
  • Is it wrong that I love Avril Lavigne now that she's become a drunken party girl?
  • George Lucas is making an appearance on The O.C. May 12th - an event that is sure to unite geeks and hipsters forevermore.
  • Party tonight bitches! My fellow atendees should be warned that in addition to tongue-raping you, I will also be bringing the camera and getting all paparazzi-stylez on your asses!
  • I'm moving to my summer home tomorrow so updates might be a little late. Or never.

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