Friday, April 22, 2005

My boy MikeD checked out the Louis XIV, The Futureheads, Hot Hot Heat show in Ottawa last night. He reports:
Steve Bays joked that Louis the XIV and the Futureheads steal the show ftom them every night and I defiantly have to agree. Sure the dude has a bit of stage presence jumpin' around the stage and touchin' fans hands, etc. But all that got old quickly — so did his need to do a pelvic trust type of motion every time he banged a couple keys on the keyboard. But what did him in for me was hockin' a big loogie on the stage as a song was comin' to an end — that's just gross. Bay's vocals were a bit buried in the mix and I was kind of thankful 'cause about two songs into the set I realized how bad some of Hot Hot Heat's lyrics were. The crowd was most responsive to the ol' Make Up the Brakedown stuff and the band obliged by playin' a lot of it. I also came to the realization that I just don't like the elevator stuff—I can see why Dante left.

The Futureheads on the other hand, had a nice tight set. Not too many theatrics but when you're good you don't need em. The crowd never really stopped bopin' 'round. They even had a really cute moment where the Jaff, the bassist, dedicated Hounds of Love to a couple in the front row who were kissin'
throughout the set.

Lastly, I didn't know what to expect from Louis the XIV but I liked what I heard. They were a good opening act before the 'heads hit the stage as they consistently rocked hard especially on the drums. I can't provide much more insight other than that 'cause that was the first time I heard them and my view was kind of limited on the balcony.

Also I regret to inform you that there was a lack of boy touching. I figured the Futureheads harmony's would have provided potential. But alas their mics were separated far apart thought the stage.

Thanks Mike. If anyone would care to take me as their date/+1 to the Toronto show tomorrow night then please drop me an email.


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