Monday, April 18, 2005

"What do you think?"
"Oh yay! Oh yay! Oh yay!"
"Well I guess it's safe to assume you're either a town crier or you liked it!"
I love Lauren Laverne.
  • I totally despise the new White Stripes single "Blue Orchid". Jack White needs to stop singing in such a silly high voice.
  • Kasabian announce new Canadian and American shows for May. Hurrah.
  • Mike Skinner (The Streets) got kicked out of the Prince's Trust Urban Music Festival on Saturday night for being a drunken fool.
  • Razorlight's Johnny Borrell ditches an entire album's worth of songs. There's perfectionism and then there's stupidity.
  • Pete Doherty's rent-boy past gets mention in a forthcoming book on The Libertines. My favourite bit is the part about him tying up the old guy, robbing him, and later reflecting, "He's probably still there, with an erection, listening to Classic FM radio."
  • I don't want to admit it but I'm really excited about The Used/My Chemical Romance cover of the David Bowie/Queen classic "Under Pressure"!
  • Eels talks witnessing his father's death. Disturbing. Explains a lot.
  • The video for Bright Eyes "First Day Of My Life" (directed by John Cameron Mitchell) makes my heart happy. I really like the goofy boy at the very end!
  • Until tomorrow...

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