Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I can sleep when I'm dead.
  • Carl Barat, formerly of The Libertines, talks to NME about working on his debut solo album.
  • Bloc Party have a video for "Banquet". The video sucks but the song's really grown on me in recent weeks.
  • Ash and The Bravery are playing The Opera House tonight!
  • And remember that tonight Tyra loses her temper on America's Next Top Model tonight! My vote goes Brittany! And who really cares about Tyra when when we have Janice Dickenson to dispense such wisdom as "She's fat, you're fat, we're all fat!"
  • "Will Kill Cats For Votes!" Oh politicians!
  • "Letter of Fug: Y'all, I'm So Tired".

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