Thursday, October 06, 2005

i could have it so much better

  • I think the new Franz Ferdinand album 'You Could Have It So Much Better' is awesome and it's getting amazing reviews.
  • Check out Franz Ferdinand covering Pulp's "Misshapes" over at Chromewaves.
  • XFM checks in on Babyshambles. Someone has to.
  • Desperate Radio is offering up an MP3 of Ian Brown's "All Ablaze". It's brilliant.
  • This Oasis interview is amazing! (Link from Rock'N'Roll Star)
  • Kaiser Chiefs Christmas DVD! Wheee!
  • Uh oh! Kate Moss is facing arrest!
  • T-H-I-E-R-R-Y sent me this article about Kate Moss a few days ago and was right to point out that if you change the names, you could very well be describing certain social circles in Toronto.
  • Pray for Katie Holmes and her scientologist/alien baby.
  • This is tragic in the funniest way possible!

    Anonymous Sazz said...

    why wouldn't you want to have the Dawson's theme blasting from your boombox?! I think I might be slightly different from the rest of the world's inhabitants :-(

    Also... hell yeah the franz album is AMAZING! I've had it since Sunday and lterally CANNOT stop listening to it. It makes me feel inspired by life again - how lame is that?!

    12:15 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    It makes me want to bust moves as much as the first album did! So surprisngly NOT disappointing!

    1:14 PM  
    Blogger rocknrollstar said...

    Thanks for the love Miss Valerie! Hope you're staying warm up there in Toronto (busting moves to the new Franz album should help)!

    3:31 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    rocknrollstar - I'm always happy to show you the love!

    9:30 PM  

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