Thursday, May 04, 2006

we've been had

  • I've just been screwed over buying a used cell phone over Kijiji... And you're damn right if you think I've been crying my eyes out over this... I am so naive!
  • Jack White and model wife Karen Elson had a baby girl named Scarlett Teresa on Tuesday.
  • Morrissey: A Simulated Canadian Farewell Concert On The "Seal Hunt" Tour, Shaw Centre, Edmonton, May 3, 2006. Thanks Mark!
  • Last night Richard Ashcroft participated in a charty football (er, soccer) match. I would have paid to see it.
  • Dizzee Rascal will address and later perform for students at Oxford University next week. Hopefully it'll loosen those keener students up.
  • Muse have named their next album 'Black Holes And Revelation'. Weirdos.
  • Razorlight's comeback single will be "In The Morning".
  • Franz Ferdinand will be taking a well-earned vacation at the end of summer.
  • The Futureheads are heading to Toronto July 27th with Tapes 'n Tapes. Sounds like a solid show.
  • Guillemots are playing a show at The Mod Club tonight. And ScriptGirl informs me that they will be performing on MTV Live on Friday, May 5 in Toronto. If you're 18+ and want to be a part of the audience, call 1-888-491-6888 or email It airs live from 6-7 PM EST.
  • Toronto Pillow Fighting League! Tonight!
  • Today kicks off Cannibis Week in the city for all the dirty hippies.
  • I guess in some cases it pays to suffer.
  • And as if my day hasn't already sucked enough, I now have to go to the dentist now to get cavities filled. (Sorry for the excessive whining. It's really not a good day.)

    Anonymous Dart said...

    Jesus, kid. I'll give you my old phone, but you'll need to buy a new charger 'cause I lost mine.

    1:45 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Aw, thanks Chris, I've actually got the boy's old cell phone to get me through (coincidentally he also lost the charger), but thank you very much for offering!

    Oh and by the way, now that I've got time I've started listening to your 'We Dont Mix' podcasts - dude, YOU'RE AWESOME! Seriously, you have such a good radio voice and I really like most of the music you play! Well done! I'm gonna link to it tomorrow providing my memory doesn't fail me!

    "Celebrity DJ" indeed!

    3:44 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Just so you know- I'm pretty sure more than just dirty hippies smoke pot- your blog sort of sucks as you tend to sound like a thirteen year old discussing things like britney spears and richard ashcroft- grow up just a little and your blog will benefit. oh and who the hell can't afford a cell phone? get a to-go phone, there like twenty dollars- peace

    10:27 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    If you don't like my blog than don't read it.

    I don't need someone who defends illegal drug use telling me to grow up.

    10:39 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    illegal- hehe- wow you are more naive than i thought. a) it's not illegal everywhere and b) there is a great percentage of people who want to legalize it. but you can stick to your alcohol(which is legal and much healthier than pot)and your kelly clarkson rants

    11:03 AM  
    Blogger Arya said...

    scarlett white(presumably). red and white. ha ha. white stripes colors. good job jacky

    11:57 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Anonymous - Go smoke your pot and quit reading/commenting on my blog... YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF MY TIME.

    Arya - Wow, I never even thought of that! How clever!

    2:23 PM  
    Anonymous rockfag said...

    what a coincidence--i went to the dentist yesterday as well--what a blast

    1:57 PM  

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