Tuesday, December 31, 2002

december 2002

I think I want Hot Hot Heat to be my boyfriends now. Canadian boys are getting m-m-mighty f-f-foxxxy. The evidence = Sam Roberts + The Stills + Hot Hot Heat (again)… I s'pose 2 out of 3 hot up-and-comers ‘aint bad.
02.12.02 – 6:37pm

Oh Rob! You really are much cooler than Dave Grohl!
Unlike you, Dave Grohl hasn't been in the backseat of my car!
03.12.02 – 10:15pm

Fuck yeah! XFM’s X-clusive: The Inspiral Carpets Reform! “Xfm can exclusively reveal that baggy jean, hooded top and bowl haircut sporting, cool as fuck Mancunian indie kings The Inspiral Carpets will be reforming for a series of UK dates next year.” It’s the Third (or is it the fourth?) Coming! Hurrah! Alas, I am saved!
05.12.02 – 5:42pm

Ryan Adams is picking on Jack White. I remember my Mom telling me that bullies pick on people because they have low self-esteem. Hmm.
05.12.02 - 5:47pm

Tenacious D finally admit the real reason why young men start bands.
09.12.02 – 11:10pm

So The Vines were kicked off The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. I imagine Craig was just being his usual kooky self at rehearsal but the NBC people claim they were “causing general destructio” and alcohol was involved... Well okay Jay Leno, if you're gonna have a drink cart loaded with alcoholic beverages for your guests than maybe you should anticipate a little rock'n'roll mayhem. Dumbass.
10.12.02 - 1:54pm

Mariah’s gonna start an emo band since she discovered a name so emo-liciously perfect that it would be a tragedy to waste. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you: “the carrot effect”. All lower caps please... Pretty clever… for a hippie anyway…
10.12.02 – 1:21pm

I want to marry Albert Hammond Jr.
The picture is funny enough on its own - the quote below it just makes it pure gold.
10.12.02 – 1:32pm

New Tradition:
The Osbournes
Tuesday nights / Wednesday mornings at 1:30 am.
Party in my bed. Everyone’s invited.

18.12.02 – 12:56pm

Conversations on Exam Study Procrastinations.
Kid A: “I have to do well on this exam so I can continue on in University, earn my degree, and get into Graduate school. I need a good education so I can get a good job, make lots of money, and retire young enough to enjoy doing absolutely nothing!”
Kid B: “I’m already doing nothing! … I’m SOOO ahead of the game!”
18.12.02 – 5:13pm

This is funny! Albert is such a big star that even The Onion can make fun of him and get away with it!
19.12.02 - 11:14pm

How many times have I asked myself that same very question.
20.12.02 - 01:05pm


Where’s my drink?
20.12.02 - 11:03pm

What the fuck is Gruff Rhys (SFA) up to? Last night he DJ'd his “Silent Night” party in Cardiff and played nothing but silence (er, well, the silent bits from all his fave LP's). Yea, like I'm sure it was a real happening party. Nothing to dance to, having to communicate by writing messages on notepads and TONS of awkward silences. Hrmmm.
20.12.02 - 10:12am

R.I.P. Joe Strummer (1952-2002)
22.12.02 - 10:50am

Har har har.
Craig's such a clever bastard.
23.12.02 - 11:14am

I don't think people realize how pretty The Datsuns really are. Photos don't do them justice. Months ago I remember Dolf saying he had a massive ego… Now, all of a sudden, he's making self-deprecating remarks. Whats up? I suspect that maybe he's sad that I didn't make out with him.
24.12.02 - 4:30pm

for those of you who work at The Gap, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
24.12.02 - 8:39pm

I'm gonna miss NME's Advent Calender. I've tried to keep you posted with the highlights but there are a few I just can't leave without saying…
Shakira. I love that woman but first “Tour of the Mongoose” and now this?
Franny, try as he might to make the world a better place, is no match for capitalist scum...
Mike Skinner (The Streets) must've thought he was in The Libertines or something with all his rock'n'roll excess.
The Libertines try to prove that they're good boys after all. Sort of. We love them anyways. So charming.
26.12.02 - 12:21pm