Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Monday, September 29, 2003

  • The Strokes “Room On Fire” is leaked on the Internet. Find it, download it and send it my way!
  • Pete Doherty could be free again in as little as a week! Yay!
  • Divestar has some pretty new photos of Kings of Leon and Jet!
  • JackWhite hates men.
  • Sam Roberts is coming back around one more time!
  • Still loving the Old School site! Apparently my pledge name is “Cooter”... AWESOME!
  • Watch more TV! Kings Of Leon are on Craig Kilborn tonight, Stereophonics and Leona Naess are on Carson Daly this Wednesday and Thursday respectively.
  • Saturday, September 27, 2003

    You know you wanna play The "Frank The Tank" Game!!!
    The big ole' weekend update!
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are the best live band on the planet at this moment!
  • So the Stereophonics have fired their drummer Stuart Cable and I’m extremely angry to hear about this and disappointed in Kelly and Richard. Apparently, Stuart’s pretty pissed-off too! And with good reason I think.
  • That cheating whore from The Distillers marked the end of her marriage to Tim Armstrong by changing her name to Brody Dalle... Bitch.
  • Dear God. Please bring TCTC to Toronto.
  • Carl wants Pete back! Free Pete!
  • New promo shots of The Strokes! (Link courtesy of YHNR where they have tons of sweet new stuff.)
    And the new album’s release has been pushed back to October 28th.
  • Chartattack: "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Hate Their Generation".
  • Now you too can be an annoying MuchMusic VJ!
  • Concert updates galore!
  • The Thrills better bring the sunshine when they play the Horseshoe on October 25th.
  • Belle & Sebastian are playing Massey Hall on November 8th!
  • Monday, September 22, 2003

  • Fuck me! The NME’s fallen back in love with The Strokes! (As if they ever fell out of love in the first place…)
    They have a Listening Post where you can listen to tracks handpicked by the boys (which surprisingly doesn’t suck!) and now a “Which Stroke Are You?” quiz (for the record, I got Jules)! What is this world coming to!?!
  • Get nostalgic and check out some Libbies vids from back in the good old days…
  • Ryan Adams on his drinking: “I hang out at Black & White and Niagara [a bar co-owned by his other best friend, singer-songwriter Jesse Malin]. They’re not bars to me—its like extended living rooms. It would be the same if my two best friends ran flower shops. Then I’d probably be into botany.”
    … No Ryan, then you’d just be an alcoholic who likes plants.
  • Sunday, September 21, 2003

    I’ve been a bad blogger lately… Sometimes I wonder if anyone is still reading this…
    I think I should really stop drinking…
  • Talk Like A Pirate Day came and went without me saying “Arrrr matey!” once.
  • The Dears played The Hideaway in St Kitts (St. Catharines for those of you not from the neighborhood) and Marcus said it was “amazing” and I believe him.
  • I only just realized that The Darkness gig I had planned on attending was LAST NIGHT. What the fuck happened?

  • Tuesday, September 16, 2003

    Aw, you know you wanna buy this!
    Chartattack are 3 months late on that Glastonbury coverage!

    Monday, September 15, 2003

  • I encourage you to BUY the self-titled stellastarr* debut album which is released by RCA Records on September 23rd! Yay!
  • Jet release ‘Get Born’ this week. You can catch a performance on Conan this Wednesday night. Oh and play the Jet game and let me know if it is worthy.
  • It’s stellastarr* madness ‘round these parts! Divestar has some pretty pictures of the band’s recent NYC show. *Drools*
  • Oh and I have started a one-sided love affair with Aerial Love Feed!
  • Ryan Adams new website layout is the crappiest piece of crap I ever laid eyes upon. A fourth grader could do better. I’m starting to question if this is Mr. Adams attempting HTML. Whatever the case – ICK!
  • Saturday, September 13, 2003

  • New realization: Drinking impairs my ability to purchase concert tickets.
  • New White Stripes vid for The Hardest Button to Button. It hurts my eyes. And I’m defiantly not a fan of Jack’s ‘tache.
  • NME’s getting a makeover. And we’re getting a Free CD. Yay! Everybody wins!
  • To all those in the Toronto, Canada area....
    In support of Phantom Power, their latest CD and DVD release, Super Furry Animals (signed to XL Recordings in North America) will be playing an acoustic in-store performance at SoundScapes (572 College Street) in Toronto on Monday, September 15th at 7pm.
    This event is sure to be packed so please make sure to show up early! The Furries will likely mingle after the event to sign copies of the Phantom Power and Rings Around the World CD and DVD sets.
  • Guess who’s back, back again. Sophie’s back, tell a friend. (I can assure you that I can’t be any lamer than that!)
  • Miss Alana says “School of Rock” is worthy and so we believe her.
  • If you haven’t done it already, download the new Strokes single “12:51” from the official website.
    I am deeply saddened by the death of Johnny Cash but am consoled by the fact that at least he and June will be together again for eternity. RIP.
  • Sunday, September 07, 2003

    Last night's Kings of Leon/Jet/22-20s show was so in demand that tickets were going for "$1,000 and a blowjob". Seriously.

    Friday, September 05, 2003

    I'm borrowing a friend's comp so I don't let you kids down. I promise we'll be back in business by Monday!
  • Fuck me! The Strokes are playing Toronto on October 14 with Kings of Leon… This is the stuff rock’n’roll dreams are made of!
  • Primal Scream ‘Best of’ on November 3rd called “Dirty Hits”.
  • The Darkness plays Lee’s palace on September 20th in an attempt to break America.
  • Coopers should be banned from drinking and driving golf carts.
  • Ryan Adams and Parker Posey? It suppose it was inevitable.
  • Monday, September 01, 2003

    No updates until September 5th. We have no internet and I will certainly die as a result... Rest assured I will rise again like the mighty pheonix from the ashes.