Friday, September 29, 2006

the drunk is back... and drunker than ever

Thursday, September 28, 2006

mew: a band that can help you fall asleep while standing up

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

cake soup

  • Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I had such a long day that all I wanted to do when I got home was eat cake soup. And I didn't even bother doing that.
  • Jarvis Cocker has a dig at Razorlight. Is there a celebrity ‘I Hate Razorlight’ club or something?
  • Alex James (Blur) wants to become an independent cheese maker. Quite a change in career.
  • MIA’s new single will be called “Bird Flu”. I can’t wait to hear what she’s been up to.
  • Babyshambles got both Kate Moss and Shane MacGowan (The Pogues) onstage at a show in Dublin last night.
  • Art Brut release their new single “Nag Nag Nag” on November 6th followed by a UK tour.
  • Wannabe Canadian journos might be interested to know Chart magazine is looking for writers and interns.
  • Morrissey might be collaborating with legendary composer Ennio Morricone… to be followed by a performance at Carnegie Hall.
  • Kasabian are at the Phoenix tonight. I’m looking forward to it and hoping my feel don’t kill after wearing ridiculous high heels all day.
  • Monday, September 25, 2006

    crackhead love

    Saturday, September 23, 2006

    saturday morning

  • New York Fashion Week hearted Lily Allen.
  • Chris Martin (Coldplay) will be joining Jay-Z onstage in London next week. Odd pairing.
  • Noel Gallagher keeps praising Kasabian.
  • Contrary to what you might have heard (or hoped for), Embrace are not splitting.
  • I am not alone... "Grey's Anatomy glitch angers fans" and "Network blunder leaves Grey's Anatomy fans fuming".
  • Word On The Street tomorrow for all the literary nerds like myself.
  • Breast Bash sounds like a good way to spend a Sunday night in Toronto - And with those DJ's I'm sure the music will be amazing!
  • This is giving me nightmares!
  • Thursday, September 21, 2006

    grey's anatomy

    Who fucked up and showed the 2nd episode of Grey's Anatomy (from the new season) BEFORE the Season Premiere!?!

    I was so damn confused!

    girls night in

  • The Guardian has a feature on Lily Allen which only reinforces why she is one of my favourite popstars at the moment.
  • Fans of The Pipettes might be interested in this! Does anyone else think their video for "Judy" reminds you of Kenickie's 'At The Club' album art?
  • Kate Moss has been busted visiting/making out with Pate Doherty in rehab.
  • What would the world do without Richard Branson?
  • Gotta dash - it's time for Grey's Anatomy! (Don't pretend you don't care!)
  • Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    you can't poo a cloud

  • Final Fantasy won the Polaris Music Prize last night. He was not one of the 80% of nominees I was rooting for... I just don't get it (the album).... I tried to listen to it again this morning on the drive in to work but it's, dare I say, too weird (even for me). I barely made it to track 4. WHAT AM I MISSING PEOPLE?
  • Monday, September 18, 2006


  • This is kinda old news but GODDAMN I HATE NANCY GRACE. Only in America can you launch a verbal attack on someone ON TELEVISION so vicious that they later kill themselves.
  • If you missed The White Stripes on The Simpsons last night (like I did) you can check it out on YouTube.
  • Sugarcubes reunion? Seriously?
  • Apparently Beck's back. And still weird.
  • Nigel Godrich (yeah, the producer) is getting a TV show and inviting some famous friends (like Thom Yorke, the White Stripes, Beck, Jamie Lidell, etc.) to perform on it.
  • If you're behind the times like I am you can hear the Pete Doherty version of "Prangin Out" on The Streets MySpace.
  • Dirty Pretty Things made a cute (dare I say Libertine-esqe) video for "Wondering".
  • Claire rules for hooking me up with a clip of Pete'n'Carl collaboration on "Janie Jones" for the 'Strummerville' album! I wish those two would just get back together for the kids!
  • The Polaris Music Prize is being given out tonight... I'm rooting for like 80% of the nominees to win!
  • Tara Reid has downsized her breasts. Ten bucks says she's tanorexic in the next 6 weeks.
  • Speaking of tanorexic... I give you the new Lily Allen look. She looks so conventionally pretty... how sad.
  • Sunday, September 17, 2006


    Before I get ready for bed...
  • I did end up seeing Beyonce perform in Dundas Square on Friday night and I gotta say it was pretty damn awesome! And I've decided that when I grow up I want to be just like Beyonce!
  • I also got a chance to see The Last Kiss this weekend and I really recommend it (especially to anyone in their 20's) because not only is the film brilliant (in my humble opionion) but it also has a stellar soundtrack chock full of betwetter goodness.
  • Get to bed. Now.
  • Thursday, September 14, 2006

    did you miss me?

  • Marianne Faithfull has breast cancer. Which sucks.
  • CBC Radio 3 and Bande à part are putting on a FREE SHOW at Kool Haus on October 1st called See Vous Play featuring music from the lovely Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, The Joel Plaskett Emergency, Les Trois Accords and Les Breastfeeders. Click here to reserve your ticket.
  • Some awesome kids I went to high school with (and actually liked!) are having their first photography exhibit at Whippersnapper in Toronto (587A College Street - at Clinton) starting tomorrow. Check it out.
  • If I wasn't such a nerd (going to bed soon!) I'd be dancing here from 2-4am! Oh and speaking of Don't Be Shy - how funny is this picture from the last one!
  • A recent study found that fans of hip hop are more promiscuous - and (naturally) country fans don't get any... I hope they didn't invest a lot in this study cos I'm pretty sure I, Captain Obvious, could have just told them that and saved them a lot of time and resources!
  • Tomorrow is BEYONCE DAY! Wish me luck!
  • Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    b'day VS bidet

  • Word on the street is that Britney and Federjerk spawned again this morning. That poor child.
  • It’s official! Babyshambles have signed to Parlophone!
  • Idlewild are confused by OutKast. Oh and Roddy thinks "Big Boi" is a stupid name.
  • Raise your hand if, like me, you want to go see Beyonce for free on Friday in Dundas Square... despite her new album title reminding me of a bidet.
  • I'm working late tomorrow and also super early on Thursday so I'll try to post next on Thursday night - so don't hold your breath for anything sooner my pretties!
  • Monday, September 11, 2006

    the pits

  • NME has reports on both Saturday and Sunday at Toronto’s V Festival.
  • Oasis have announced the tracklisting for their forthcoming ‘Best Of’ album. I wish “Whatever” had made the cut.
  • The girl from the Pete Doherty syringe controversy is talking.
  • First Paris… now Disneyland.
  • What's wrong with Beyonce's underarms? (I normally hate the term "armpits" but perhaps it is better fitting term than "underarms" in regards to this picture.)
  • Sunday, September 10, 2006

    how was it for you?

  • So how was Toronto's first Virgin Festival this weekend? I'm curious as to how it all went down. All I've heard thus far is that a lot of people were pissed that The Flaming Lips headlining performance last night was cut short - what's that about?
  • Arab Strap announced they're splitting last Friday.
  • Keane have officially cancelled all their US/Canada tour dates.
  • Pete Doherty wants to marry in a soccer stadium.
  • Obligatory I love YouTube post #84830.
  • Thursday, September 07, 2006

    one drink is more than enough to get me drunk

  • The big news today is Paris Hilton was arrested for drunk driving. I love how they try to make it okay like it was "just one margarita" but I'm pretty sure I weight 134385 lbs. more than Paris Hilton and last Friday night I was totally drunk from one margarita (they're like 28oz people) so that's hardly an excuse. ANYWAY, here are some pictures (thanks to Ryan).
  • Arctic Monkeys are donating their Mercury Prize money to charity! Even the guy who left the band agreed to it! I'm impressed!
  • Massive Attack have pulled out of V-fest because the band couldn't get U.S. immigration visas. I'm almost relieved because I was tempted to buy a ticket solely to see them!
  • Ian McCulloch of Echo And The Bunnymen has been charged with assault. Apparently he was none-too-kind to some fans backstage.
  • Tim Burton is directing The Killers next video.
  • Wednesday, September 06, 2006


    OK I could write pages about Osheaga but I just don't have the time these days so here's kinda a brief rundown of who I saw and what I thought...

    1:30. Magic Numbers. We caught the end of their set as we were coming through the gates and it sounded great - wish I could have seen it.
    2:00 Hushpuppies. Caught the end of their set and not only did they look and sound great but they were definitely working the crowd!
    3:00 The only thing I was focused on at this point was a popcicle. And it was delicious.
    4:00 The Stills. Great performance but I definitely don't feel like the new album is half as good as their debut so the only songs that really got me going were the old ones.
    4:45 Dinosaur Jr. Not my thing.
    5:30 Malajube! Awesome! I have no idea what they were singing about (in French) but it sounded fantastic all the same!
    6:15 Metric. First of all it was hard to focus on the music with Emily Haines flaunting her T&A in short shorts and a flimsy top with NO BRA... but the set was solid with the sole exception of a new song which sounds like terrible lounge music.
    7:15 K-os. Gotta say I was a little disappointed with his performance but his freestyling was charming.
    8:15 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Everything I hoped it would be and more. My musical highlight of the day.
    9:15 Amon Tobin. His DJ set seemed to inspire the most bizarre rave behvaior in some decidedly un-ravey festival attendees.
    10:00 Sonic Youth. Nothing but BORING NOISE. I just don't get it.

    1:30 Starsailor. They played all the hits (and played them well)... but I'm pretty sure I was the only one who knew the hits from the misses.
    2:15 Islands. I wasn't totally sold on this band until this weekend but their performance won me over from the very start. Fun pop songs + hot girl in band + entertaining interpretive dancers = me dancing the whole set and having a grand ol' time! Possibly my favourite performance of the day.
    3:00 Ben Lee. He was lame and geeky but the crowd seemed to eat it up.
    4:00 Wolf Parade. AMAZING performance despite technical difficulties. I was sad to see it end especially since their set was cut after Islands ran long. Oh and apparently behind the scenes
    Dan got some drama for being saucy with G. Love.
    4:45 Final Fantasy. Exactly was I expected ("weird") -- except for an unexpected and fucking awesome cover of Mariah Carey's "Fantasy".
    5:30 Kid Koala. I was so glad we checked out this tent performance in the Salon des Arts because it really showcased his talant AND proved to be a fun place to warm up and dance!
    6:15 Bedouin Soundclash. Uh, I was resting my weary bones at a picnic table (where I was mistaken for a francophone!) but it sounded good... or at the very least "not bad" as I anticipated.
    7:00 The Bell Orchestre. I fell asleep on a picnic table. But I remember the band saying something about how they expected the festival to be a failure and were pleasantly surprised that it wasn't.
    7:30 Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley. Ok so we didn't actually see him because we were waiting in front of the other stage for The Flaming Lips but it sounded great (lots of rip offs of his Dad's music), the crowd LOVED it, and he had a Jamaican flag waver on stage for the entire set.
    8:00 Kid Koala. He only played for 15 minutes but it was fantastic and he gave me my ultimate festival highlight when he played his final song, "Moon River", which was absolutely beautiful.
    8:15 The Flaming Lips. Obviously one of the best live bands on the planet. I was in such a state of bliss with all the streamers and confetti and dancing Santas and Aliens that I didn't even notice it was raining... which is a big deal if you know me... Yeah, it was that good!
    9:00 Fuck Ben Harper - we decided to leave on a high note and skip his set.

    Here's some pictures I took at Osheaga!

    Some general thoughts...
    - I heart Montreal!!!
    - Excellent idea have the two main stages side by side and having alternate performances so the music didn't stop and you didn't have to move far (or at all) to catch the next act.
    - Fantastic festival site that was easy to reach (literally right at a Metro stop), incredibly scenic, and easy to move around (like 10 minutes or less to get to another stage).
    - No security checks upon entry = one happy crowd.
    - Three cheers for the fectival organizers who put down sand (and even asphalt at one point) so we didn't have any mud to deal with.
    - Boo to Ernesto for making the long weekend damp and unseasonably cool... but at the same time I prolly would have complained if it had been hot and sunny all the same.
    - All in all, I thought the festival was a great success with loads of awesome bands and I look forward to it's return next year (fingers crossed).

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    j'aime Montréal

  • I'm back from an awesome long weekend in Montreal! Osheaga was fucking awesome! I'll tell you all about it later!
  • Arctic Monkeys won the Mercury Prize! Respect to Alex Turner for giving props to Richard Hawley!
  • Pete Doherty dodges jail! Again!
  • Fans of The Music might wanna check out "Kill 100" featuring vocals from frontman Robert Harvey.
  • Sufjan Stevens in releasing a Christmas album which, if I'm being honest, I think it pretty lame.
  • Peter Hook ("Hooky") is writing a book about Manchester's legendary nightclub, The Hacienda. It was initially titled "How Not To Run A Club".
  • Banksy strikes again! Paris Hilton and fans of her music are the target!
  • Suri Cruise isn't an alien after all.
  • I still can't believe the Crocodile Hunter died! That's so sad! But if Grizzy Man and Roy (of Siegfried and Roy) taught us anything it's that nature is fucking scary and you can't control it (no matter how charming/crazy you are).
  • I want to go to the film festival - anyone have any hook-ups?
  • The first of Kate Moss' dirty little movies for Agent Provocateur have been released. Here's a preview.
  • Aaand I'll make a proper Osheaga post tomorrow hopefully!