Saturday, November 30, 2002

november 2002

So the trial is over but can I still wear my Free Winona tee?
06.11.02 – 5:30pm

I just participated in a Teen People chat with
Interpol. Yes that is correct: Teen People and Interpol in the same sentence. Since very few bothered (none of whom, I can assure you, were T.P. readers) those of us who turned up got to chat with the band almost exclusively. I need to learn to play pool now since (Inter)Paul has challenged me to a game next time they're in the T-dot and the band informs me that I can expect them in early 2003 (God willing). Oh and I can assure you that if you find yourself hangout out with the boys they would appreciate you recommending a good dry cleaner and/or a good Thai restaurant. Oh and please do yourself a favour and do NOT ask: a) If they hang out with The Strokes, b) If they have stylists, c) If they're gay (“Yes, my girlfriend and I are both gay” – Paul), d) When the new album’s coming out. That is all. I'm *hearting* Interpol.
20.11.02 - 11:01pm

A Lesson For Men: “Don't be led by what's in you pants cos in the end you're going to get fucked - and not literally!” - “Fuck Hair”, my Film Studies T.A.
26.11.02 - 9:56pm