Monday, May 31, 2004

  • I'm catching up on old news and it turns out Julian Casablancas is engaged to The Strokes management assistant Juliette Joslin. Apparently the pair only dated for 4 weeks before Jules popped the question. It seems everyone, even Low Culture, was equally surprised!
  • Woohoo! The Killers are at the top of the NME Chart with "Mr. Brightside".
  • Bloggers deserve book deals... I'm waiting... (From Catherine's Pita)
  • whatevernevermind (which has absolutely nothing to do with Jeans And A T-Shirt apparently).
  • For the pervs... Lindsay Lohan's nip.
  • This British guy will have sex with you! For free! Imagine that! He's seriously awesome. (Link from Coax Me)
  • Bye bye burning eyes... Tonight is the last night to light up those cancer-sticks in Toronto bars!
  • Saturday, May 29, 2004

    It's Miss Valerie and I'm back just as I said I would be...
    I survived and thrived on "Eurotrip 2004"...
    I'd tell you all about it but we've decided that WHAT HAPPENED IN EUROPE STAYS IN EUROPE...
    I hope you kids are still reading. Spanks to Miss Alana for trying her best to update!
  • I'm ridiculously obsessed with Morrissey (even more so than before). Go buy his new album 'You Are The Quarry' NOW!
  • Be jealous. I was at Morrissey's birthday/homecoming gig in Manchester last week and it was FUCKING BRILLIANT!
  • Morrissey and friends spend an afternoon in Hyde Park! Nice jersey Moz!
  • Craig Kilborn's Gibby and Goldy Meet The Morrissey Fans... This is a MUST SEE!
    I caught some other shows whilst away.
  • Franz Ferdinand totally kicked ass opening for Moz.
  • I totally recommend The Duke Spirit who are BLISTERING live. Oh and their singer Liela is mad hott.
  • Oh and I luckily encountered a great band in Manchester called Sirens who I heart. When they covered Suede's "Animal Nitrate" they melted my cold, black heart.
  • I *heart* LOLLAPALOOZA!
  • This parody of The Streets blows my mind. But seriously, I love, I really do. Speaking of the devils, The Streets are touring North America in June.
  • The Pete Doherty drama continues as he 'leaves' the Libertines again.
  • Patrick of The Vines stormed offstage after a fight with Craig. Not the first time.
  • Fight fascism! Because I say so!
  • Franz Ferdinand's NME Fannish Inquisition in two parts... GO NOW!
  • Johnathan Rice's new EP is available online. Check it out.
  • The new self-titled Howie Beck album will be released July 20th on True North Records. We la la love him. Go buy his last album 'Hollow' while you're at it.
  • Listen to Pete Yorn's version of The Buzzcocks "Ever Fallen In Love" for the Shrek 2 soundtrack. AWESOME.
  • Today marks the 7th anniversary of Jeff Buckley's tragic death. His album 'Grace' originally released a decade ago, is being reissued with previously unreleased material, promotional rarities, solo tracks, and live performances AND a DVD! It will be in stores on August 23rd.
  • Friday, May 21, 2004

    I really do apologize for not updating, my computer has been down and I've been busy looking for a new job, since I would rather not be homeless. I'll do my best...
  • "One of the worst cases in medical history." Poor Justin.
  • The Hives have announced North American tour dates. Now, you see, I saw them when I didn't know much about them and they blew the pants off of me. I say see them even if you're not sure about them.
  • My roommate told me about this, and I really never heard about it much after. I mean, I would make sense that Andy faked his death, right? Or maybe not.
  • How to be a whore.
  • And once you learn to be a whore, you can ask Franz Ferdinand to score the music for your very first porn flick.
  • Sunday, May 16, 2004

    Tuesday, May 11, 2004

  • Summer's on the way and so are the concerts. This one's called CURIOSA FESTIVAL. Here we'll see such bands as "The Cure", "Interpol", "The Rapture" and others you might know such as "The Cooper Temple Clause" and "Muse". Nothing yet on a Toronto date, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Any one for a R&R trip to Detriot or NYC?
  • Better late then never. Our favourite band, The Hives are releasing their first single in a long time. "Idiot Walk" will appear sometime in June. Buy the way, I love that site.
  • Loretta Lynn has fallen in love with the dahlin' Jack White. Or at least his music.
  • Want to scare the pants off yourself? Just watch the news. Link from Jeans And A T-Shirt.
  • Friday, May 07, 2004

  • Hello everyone out there in rocksnob world. I am the infamous Alana. I hope I will do my favourite blog on the net justice with my coverage of the music world. If I don't, I hope that you don't hurl your Smiths records at me.
  • I'm not sure if I'm far behind other people or what, but I was watching CNN yesturday and not only did they play "24 Hour Party People as they were reviewing the news, but when they came back from commercial The Hives were playing. Very weird. Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?
  • Thankfully I got to see Bowie in Toronto. But this is just sad.
  • Go do what I tell you to do this week-end:
    * Tonight should make for some good toronto rock and roll. I am going to see Shaker, the Dunes and the Outfit at the wonderful Mod Club Theatre. Three great oppertunities to support GOOD Toronto music. Can't make it out? Keep an ear out for more shows.
    * The Dears and my friends The Marble Index are playing Lee's Palace tonight.
    * Sondre Lerche is playing at the Horseshoe tomorrow night.
    * Want to dance? Ukula at Andy Poolhall tonight.
    * Post-Mod at the Labrynth tonight.
  • Have fun, and I hope this was okay for my first try.
  • Thursday, May 06, 2004

    I'm going to Europe now. Miss Alana's the boss now (so if May sucks, blame her... J/K... Sorta). See you in June...
    Oh and, in case there was any doubt, I'm taking Europe with me!

    Wednesday, May 05, 2004

    I know you all cried at the Season Finale of The O.C. (aka THE BEST SHOW ON TV) tonight. As soon as Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" came on I was totally gone. GOD I LOVE THAT SHOW!
  • Burned By The Sun has great Coachella pics. (Via Soviet Panda)
  • Courtney Love's charges might be dropped under the condition she undergo a drug treatment program. She lucked out. Majorly.
  • Matt Bellamy on the cover of the NME. Oh how I worship him.
  • New
  • video for The Vines "Winning Days".
  • Liam Gallagher (*gasp*) using cocaine!?!
  • It can't be true... Ahahahah.
  • For the Canadians... I saw the newest
  • Joel Plaskett Emergency vid for "Come On, Teacher" this morning and it's ridiculously awesome. And he looks pretty damn handsome too.
  • Britney Spears got a tattoo on her neck... And managed to fuck it up. Oops she did it again.
  • Fred Durst's blog!?!
  • Tuesday, May 04, 2004